East Village Development Sparks Debate Over Views and Traffic

Residents are split over plans for a nine-storey commercial tower as part of the $1 billion East Village development in Cannon Hill, with some fearing it could ruin skyline views and worsen traffic and others thinking it would be great for the area.

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The office building, designed by architectural firm Blight Rayner, is the latest stage of developer Anthony John Group’s (AJG) massive urban renewal project on the former CSIRO site at the corner of Wynnum and Creek Roads.

Last year, Brisbane City Council asked the developers to reduce the height by one level. However, AJG responded saying this was not feasible for the prospective tenant.

East Village aerial view (Photo credit: Anthony John Group)

When complete, East Village will transform Cannon Hill into a vibrant hub with retail, dining, cinemas, apartments and a hotel. The proposed development aims to provide an activated streetscape frontage to Wynnum Road. 

There would be seven levels of contemporary office spaces and landscaping is incorporated throughout the design. Around 71 bicycle parking spaces and secure end of trip facilities are also included. 

Photo credit: Blight Rayner

Although some welcomed the tower as progress, others argued nine levels was too tall and exceeded neighbourhood plan allowances.

Locals also raised concerns over increased congestion on Wynnum and Creek Roads. “Sounds like a great plan; the suburb is ideally placed for increased density. My only concerns arethe impact on traffic and ensuring there is sufficient car parking on site. Overall, a great development that may offer diversity in how we work and live,” one submission read.

East village
Subject site (Photo credit: Google Street View)

“No other buildings in the area are at that height and will shadow over neighbouring apartments and road,” said another resident.

AJG’s planning firm Place Design Group said surrounding buildings ranged from five to seven storeys, similar in scale and form. They added Council had previously indicated support for eight levels, with the extra ninth accommodating the slope. Traffic experts said there would be no direct Wynnum Road access.

The $1 billion East Village project aims to revitalise the former industrial site into a bustling community precinct. However, the latest commercial tower has left residents torn over its impact.

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Published 21-February-2024