Expansion Plans For Morningside Central Include ‘Flood-immune’ Car Park

Did you know that the expansion plans for Morningside Central Shopping Centre, will feature not just a new medical centre but also an innovative, suspended, ‘flood-immune’ car park?

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A development application has been lodged for the expansion of Morningside Central, which covers a new tenancy fronting Wynnum Road over two storeys, a new medical centre, and the refurbishment of the existing shopping centre. Said refurbishment will include internalisation of the existing open mall area and facade upgrades.

Proposed site plan (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

The shopping centre, located at 25 Junction Rd, Morningside is known for being flood-prone and a flood impact assessment report revealed that the site is identified as susceptible to creek/waterway flooding.

Based on the report, during significant storm events and when the drainage system is at capacity, the overland flow would travel through the car park on Morningside Central. 

A key component of the planned development of the shopping centre is a new, suspended car park at ground level with upper level car park above it that planners say would be ‘flood-immune.’. 

Morningside Central
Perspective image – Wynnum Road (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

The suspended, ground-level car park, which will be located above the 1% AEP flood level, aims to improve the safety of customers and their vehicles. Morningside Central has previouslt held two meetings with Brisbane City Council, one in 2019 and another one in 2021, to discuss the flooding solution for their planned ‘suspended structure.’

According to Storm Water Consulting, the suspended car park structure will also increase the number of car park slots on-site and improve the functionality of the car park. 

“The suspended carpark would eliminate the majority of the current ground level carparking which is subject to high hazard flood water. Three ramps up to a suspended carpark platform are proposed,” planners stated.

Morningside Central
Overland Flow Schematic (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

Locals could also expect a bigger Woolworths, which is getting a space boost which will increase its footprint from 2,666 sqm to 3,314 sqm. 

“The proposed extensions and refurbishments will deliver a contemporary upgrade to the existing Shopping Centre and offer a high level of architectural quality and distinction improving the amenity of the centre and streetscape,” planning documents read.

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To learn more about the plans for this development, look for reference A006093144 at the Brisbane City Council development page.