Norman Park Man Left Sleepless After $1M Lotto Win

One Norman Park resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a sleepless night after he checked his Gold lotto numbers and discovered he held a $1 million winning ticket.

The Brisbane resident revealed he had a sleepless night after finding out that he won. He said it has not sinked in yet and he’s blown away with the fact that he is already a millionaire.

“I had virtually no sleep just thinking about the win and what I could do with $1 million,” he said. But the newly-minted millionaire will eventually use his prize to pay off his mortgage.

Drawn earlier this month, the ticket was purchased online via Australia’s official lotteries, The winning numbers on that day, 6 May 2019 were 1, 30, 21, 36, 20 and 41, while the supplementary numbers were 32 and 8.

The man said he does not play regularly and he just decided to purchase the ticket last-minute. He said the money is going to relieve so much financial pressure and will make his life so much easier.

Across Australia, there was only one division one winning entry in Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3866.

Since December 2018, there were 69 division one winning Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto entries across the Lott’s jurisdictions, which collectively won $62 million.