Two Thumbs Up for Great Meals at Norman Park’s Jacu Espresso

What makes a great meal? Individual preference matters but in general, a great meal goes beyond taste and flavour. Sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy food when you’re with company or amidst an idyllic and pleasant ambience like Jacu Espresso in Norman Park. 

This cafe in a quiet suburban neighbourhood is a convenient breakfast place for early risers and busy workers. It’s usual to see groups of people starting their day here before heading to work or school. 

Locals also come to Jacu Espresso with their four-legged family, as the eatery has cosy and spacious outdoor seating. You and your pup won’t feel intimated by its set up and design. The cafe has such an inviting vibe! 

Photo Credit: Jacu Espresso/Facebook

Beyond breakfast gatherings, its all-day brunch menu is the perfect meal for diners who like to have both breakfast and lunch options at any time of the day. The restaurant serves a balanced blend of traditional and homemade meals with unique gourmet creations. 

French toast for a mid-morning meal? Jacu Espresso will let you indulge with a serving of “whipped cream cheese, grilled banana, berry compote, fresh fruit and lots of maple syrup!” 

A bagel for breakfast? Jacu Espresso’s current special is a tasty but healthy delight made with avo and smoked salmon.

Photo Credit: Jacu Espresso/Facebook
Photo Credit: Jacu Espresso/Facebook

The cafe got its name from a South American herbivore bird, Jacu, which is known for its excellent coffee cherry diet. The partially digested beans are then picked off, dried, cleaned and then sold as one of the world’s most coveted coffee beans. 

Hence, this restaurant also has great coffee choices, along with an ample selection of chai tea and other specialty drinks. 

This Norman Park foodie spot trades daily. Check their Facebook Page for the store hours. 

“Love the menu and food at this cafe and the cosy vibes. The staff are super kind and friendly. The coffee is top quality and I can’t fault anything about this place. Highly recommend for brunch dates.”

Amity Evans, Google Reviews

“Just my favourite place to catch up with friends and family…plus my pup is always welcome. Must not forget the Staff are so friendly.”

Maggie Kelsey, Facebook 

“Lovely, good clean crisp setting inside and out, good vibes with some African music going off and making everyone happy. Latte was smooth and the barista gave me tasting of a filter and a cold drip which were lovely. Definitely worth a visit.”

AdamN, Beanhunter