Terrific Dancing Skills Take Over the Morningside Stage

Morningside’s Balmoral State High School is set to host dance recitals. Students from the StreetTread Dance Studio will show off their moves as part of their third annual end-of-year performance scheduled on the 1st of December. Meanwhile, children from the Maximo Dance Studio will dance the afternoon away on the 3rd of December with their Tea Party & Dance celebration which also marks their end-of-year celebration.

“Street Jam” by the StreetTread Dance Studio on 1st of December

The students are inviting everyone to come and see what they learnt for the whole of 2017. Their theme for this year is the “Olympics”. The recital will be held from 6:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

The StreetTread Dance Studio has always been home to children whose desire is to express themselves through dancing. The studio instil in its students the love for raw urban hip hop, acrobatic, and funky street styles dances. All dance techniques are welcome, may it be breakdancing, pop and locking, tumbling and flipping as long as students find the utmost satisfaction of being able to articulate the feelings that they could not verbally communicate.

Classes are designed for kids aged 2 years old and above. Each session has limited students so teachers can focus and give the necessary attention needed in developing each and everyone’s skills. StreetTread Dance Studio is founded by teacher Michelle Klekner, who brings with her more than 20 years of professional dancing experience to share with the children.


Tea Party & Dance Celebration by Maximo Dance Studio on 3rd of December

Students promise delightful performances over some afternoon tea. The recital takes place from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. They will showcase dances which feature the studio’s original choreography. Performances will range from ballet, national dance, contemporary dance, modern dance, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop, complete with vibrant music and costumes.

Maximo Dance Studio is founded in 2004 by choreographer Olga Lissovskaia, who remains the studio’s director and principal dancer. She has named the institution after one of the greatest Russian ballerinas of all time, Ekaterina Maximova.

The studio has always been proud for being the only dance school in Brisbane that employs the authentic teaching method called the Vaganova Method.

“This is the unique method we use to teach ballet. They stand out from the crowd by their unparalleled poetic spirituality, exceptional harmonious plasticity of movement, and at the same time the ‘iron’ aplomb of the body, with their overall nobility and excellence of technical and performing skills.”

Credit: Maximo Dance Studio YouTube


Balmoral State High School is located at Cnr Thynne & Lytton Rds, Morningside