42-Berth Marina Planned for Commercial and Tourist Boats in Murarrie

A 42-berth marina will be built near the Gateway Bridge, on the Brisbane River, at Raptis Seafoods in Murarrie. This marina will support maritime tourism by offering overnight anchoring for business and tourist boats as part of the Growing Future Tourism strategy.

Once built, the marina will provide a much-needed docking option for Brisbane’s maritime tourism operators, especially after recent obstacles like the 2022 floods and waterfront developments. However, it is not meant to be a pick-up and drop-off location for tourists. 

With construction clearances pending, the marina is anticipated to open in April 2025.

Tourism Initiatives

According to projections, the marina will bring in $66.6 million in private investment from the $15 million the Queensland government has allocated to five tourism initiatives. This financing will maintain 669 ongoing operational functions and about 313 jobs during planning and construction. The combined effect of these developments is anticipated to bring in over 216,000 extra tourists per year, translating into an extra $63 million in spending. The projects are expected to be finished by June 2026.

This effort includes a 50-meter jetty at Lindeman Island Resort, eco-cabins at Australia Zoo’s Crocodile Hunter Lodge, and a marine tourist hub at Townsville’s Flinders Street Wharves.

Growing Future Tourism, QLD QLD Dept of Tourism & Sport
Photo Credit: QLD Dept of Tourism & Sport

Michael Healy, the Minister of Tourism, highlighted the marina’s role in giving river tourist companies a secure foundation and commended Raptis and the Queensland Government for their cooperation. He also emphasised the Growing Future Tourism program’s contribution to developing fresh travel alternatives in the area.

The CEO and spokesperson for Raptis Investments, Tim Beirne, highlighted the importance of the marina’s project in boosting local tourism and stated the company’s excitement about obtaining money for it. In line with the rising demand for coastal and aquatic experiences, he highlighted that repurposing Raptis Seafoods wharves would provide security for home porting, encourage investment, and generate new job possibilities in the tourism sector. 

About Raptis

In the 1930s, Arthur Raptis Sr., a migrant labourer, discovered his calling in fishing. In the 1950s, after relocating to Adelaide, his wife Anna started a fish and chip store. Their desire to succeed as entrepreneurs drove them to fillet their catch for nearby stores. Their daughter and four sons joined in, growing the company into retail and wholesale seafood.

A. Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd (Raptis) is one of the biggest privately held fishing firms in Australia today. Raptis is a local and international supplier of high-quality seafood products, emphasising responsible fishing practices. Australia’s fish populations will flourish for future generations thanks to their dedication to sustainable techniques. From the ocean to the plate, Raptis maintains premium seafood by utilising technology.

Published 18-March-2024

Work Starts on the Brisbane International Cycle Park in Murrarie

Construction has begun for Queensland’s very own Olympic-standard Brisbane International Cycle Park at the Murrarie Recreation Reserve.

In February 2023, Brisbane’s cycling enthusiasts had their last ride at the old cycling track before the fences went up to close part of the site in preparation for the upgrades. Per Cr Lisa Atwood, the construction of the bigger facility is expected to be underway for at least 12 months. 

The Brisbane International Cycle Park project came together with the cooperation of three levels of government, according to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner. It will link to the existing cycling track, spanning 1.4 kilometres, at the Balmoral Cycling Clubhouse, as well as the shared cycling tracks on Wynnum Road and the Bulimba Creek bikeway.

The project is also expected to deliver:

  • international level criterium tracks and a 500-metre inline skating track
  • a new multi-purpose clubhouse for events
  • an upgraded car park which will formalise the car park and install up to 200 spaces, re-purposing the existing track to a multipurpose shadow track to allow for multiple recreational users and uses
  • new fencing, walkways and planting
  • new multi-level, multi-purpose clubhouse for various community use
Brisbane International Cycle Park
Photo Credit: BCC

During the construction, the Bulimba Creek Bikeway, the Wynnum road connection and the Northcliffe Street bridge connection to the Avenue pathway will still be accessible.

“The Brisbane International Cycle Park project aims to establish the reserve as a premier destination for international cycling, enhance the capacity of the reserve to meet sporting and recreation needs, and provide the community with safe pedestrian access, and cycle links to the wider Brisbane bikeway network,” Council stated

“Once complete, the Brisbane International Cycle Park at Murarrie Recreation Reserve will support Brisbane’s cycling community in the lead up to and long after the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic games.”

Published 9 March 2023

Visy Plots Multi-Million Murrarie Facility Expansion

Glass manufacturer Visy will invest in a multi-million upgrade of its Material Recovery Facility on Gibson Island in Murrarie alongside other plans to expand its operation in QLD.

Under the plan, Anthony Pratt, Visy Executive Chairman, also announced the construction of a new glass food and beverage container recycling and manufacturing facility in Yatala for $500 million and a corrugated box factory at Hemmant for $150 million. 

 “This is the largest investment Visy has ever made in Queensland,” Mr Pratt stated. “It is part of my pledge to invest $2 billion in Australia over the decade.” 

“The upgrade to our facility at Gibson Island will see an additional up to 30,000 tonnes of material diverted from landfill each year.

“Visy currently recycles over 250,000 tonnes of material from kerbside collections a year and is proud to service the majority of South East Queensland’s recycling needs.

Photo Credit: QueenslandGovt

“Recycling is an important weapon against climate change and the Queensland Government is to be congratulated for its support for practical environmental measures, like recycling, that all Queenslanders can participate in.

These investments are expected to create more jobs for the people of Queensland. The Murarrie facility alone is set to add 11 more jobs. 

“This investment will see the installation of state-of-the-art recycling technology at Visy’s Gibson Island site in Murarrie,” Member for Bulimba Di Farmer said. “We’re supporting jobs and the environment by improving recycling capabilities. It’s a win-win project.” 

It comes as Visy will shift its glass manufacturing operations from West End to Yatala by 2025 to pave the way for the construction of the International Broadcasting Centre for the 2032 Olympic Games. This project will also create at least 900 jobs during construction and over 300 jobs once the facility is open. 

From Murarrie to the USA : Tritium to Build Tennessee Manufacturing Facility

Murarrie-based Tritium is expanding its US operations with plans to build its first manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee and start production in the third quarter of 2022.

The announcement comes two weeks after Tritium is listed on the NASDAQ and with no less than President Biden welcoming the announcement on 8 February 2022 (ET), describing the new Tritium manufacturing facility as “more than just great news for Tennessee.” 

The White House / YouTube

“Yes, it’s going to create more than 500 good-paying jobs in Tennessee, but it’s going to deliver greater dignity and a little more breathing room to workers and their families.  And it’s going to have a ripple effect beyond — and far beyond one state,” President Biden said

The new facility is expected to house up to six production lines and to produce more than 10,000 Buy America-compliant Tritium DC fast charger units annually, including the award-winning RTM and all-new PKM150 models, with potential peak production of 30,000 units per year. 

In November 2021, a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed the US Congress which earmarks $7.5 billion to be invested in a nationwide network of EV charging stations and speed up the adoption of zero-emission vehicles “to address the climate crisis and support domestic manufacturing jobs.”

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal was first announced on 28 July 2021 which undoubtedly impacted Tritium’s overall revenue mix that year. The company has seen an upswing in its revenue coming from the U.S. based on the preliminary revenue figures for the twelve months ended December 31, 2021.

Photo Credit: Tritium / Facebook

Tritium said that the United States and Europe accounted for approximately 43% and 43% of the Company’s revenue, respectively. That is a significant change in revenue mix when compared to the twelve months ended June 30, 2021, where it shows the U.S. and Europe revenue share of 23% and 68%, respectively; the rest of the revenue comes from the Asia Pacific.

“Tritium’s investment in a U.S.-based, cutting-edge facility for manufacturing is part of our strong push toward global growth in support of the e-mobility industry,” said Tritium CEO Jane Hunter. 

“We are thrilled to work with the U.S. Federal government and the State of Tennessee on this initiative. With the help of the hard-working residents of Tennessee, we expect to double or even triple our charger production capacity to further our product distribution throughout the United States.”

Other major EV charging manufacturers are also expanding their U.S. operations including Siemens, ABB, FreeWire Technologies and Dunamis Clean Energy Partners.

Tritium Opens New EV Charger Testing Facility in Murrarie

Did you know that a new Tritium facility for EV charger testing in Murrarie has one of the world’s largest and highest-powered electromagnetic compatibility testing chambers?

In November 2021, Tritium officially opened its Murrarie testing facility. This new Tritium facility is welcome news to the local job market and supports the growing global demand for renewable energy and has generated local jobs.

In 2020, Tritium became the first company in the world to implement Plug and Charge (ISO 15118) which enables EVs and charging equipment to communicate, authenticate, and transact seamlessly via the charging cable.

At the Murrarie facility, the custom-designed testing chamber features a five-metre turntable with high-power connections, providing Tritium with the ability to test a full high-powered charging system, consisting of the charger itself and an accompanying power cabinet.

The testing site has been designed to deliver up to 720 kW of regenerative power from its integrated system with fully integrated AC and DC power feeds.

This means Tritium can test devices that demand very high power levels, in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification requirements.

CEO Jane Hunter joined Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Steven Miles during the official opening of the facility. Mr Miles acknowledged that Tritium has been changing the face of the global electric vehicle (EV) industry and this latest development will allow the company to test and deploy more chargers faster than anyone in the market. 

Minister for Employment and Small Business and Member for Bulimba Di Farmer said that Tritium has long been Queensland’s success story and the Murrarie facility is primed to contribute to the state’s economic recovery, as well as boost Queensland’s position in the global EV tech industry.

“The place that can conquer this technology first will be the place the world turns to as the industry grows; that’s why we’re so proud to see companies like this leading the pack,” Ms Farmer said.

“On behalf of the Palaszczuk government, I’d like to congratulate Tritium. They’re now making waves globally; just last month Tritium was named ChargePoint Manufacturer of the Year at a UK awards event.”

Additional Charging Stations

Meanwhile, an additional 18 EV charging stations will be added across Queensland’s Super Highway, comprising Phase 3 of the project. Tritium’s leading edge 75kW chargers will be powering up these sites which are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“Not only were we the first state in Australia to develop an EV strategy, but we revolutionised electric vehicle travel through delivering the Queensland Electric Super Highway,” Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said. 

“We expect the growth in the state’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure will help accelerate investment in additional renewable energy projects.

“Every time a motorist makes the choice to fill their tank with energy generated in Queensland, it allows for the continued growth of renewables in our state.”

Michael Hill Jewellers to Move Headquarters to Cannon Hill

Specialty retailer Michael Hill Jewellers is planning to move its headquarters to a new purpose-built site in Cannon Hill, which will house its main offices, production and manufacturing departments, and distribution facility. 

The company has signed a 10-year lease for a 3,520 square metre space acquired by the Ironside Group in August 2021. The jewellery company’s staff of 250 are currently at a smaller headquarters in Murrarrie, which has been the home of Michael Hill Jewellers for nearly two decades. 

According to Daniel Bracken, the jeweller’s chief executive, the new site is anticipated to entice more talents to join their creative, marketing, and merchandising departments. The move also presents an opportunity for the company to work with a sought-after architectural firm and developer that will incorporate Michael Hill’s desire for a collaborative working environment.

Ironside Group bought the property from Anthony Johns Group for $36 million. In 2013, Anthony Johns Group developed the commercial spaces next door on 38 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill. 

The development application has not yet been lodged with Brisbane City Council but construction has been projected to finish by mid-2022 with the staff moving into the premises later that year.

Michael Hill Jewellers is an international brand with over 300 stores across the globe. Founded by Mr Hill and his wife, Christine, the company started in New Zealand in 1979 and opened 10 stores in Australia by the 1980s. With most of their sales coming from Australia, The Hills made Brisbane their headquarters. 

Drones to Catch Hoons to be Deployed Following Gateway Bridge Incident in Murrarie

Traffic cops have long witnessed hooning on the Gateway Bridge. This dangerous escapade on the bridge linking Murrarie and Eagle Farm will soon be contained with the help of a fleet of hi-tech, airborne surveillance drones.

In its bid to reinforce and strengthen its crackdown on hooning activities, the Queensland Police Services (QPS) has invested in covert drones to catch more offenders on the road. Officers are currently under training to learn how to become drone pilots as the agency increases its crime-fighting tools. 

In Gold Coast, drones have been a successful part of Operation Tango Vinyl, which has led to the arrest of 99 individuals who were charged for dangerous driving. More than 20 vehicles were also seized whilst 400 people were issued infringement notices. 


  • Queensland Police Services is preparing to launch a fleet of drones to tackle hooning across the region.
  • Officers have been undergoing training to become drone pilots.
  • Drones have been effective in Gold Coast, where the QPS conducted Operation Tango Vinyl, which led to the arrest of 99 offenders.

Meanwhile, a QPS spokesperson said that video of the hooning incident in Gateway Bridge led to the arrest of motorists who were also charged for not wearing a seatbelt and for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The cops are also investigating a lead into another vehicle that dangerously drove on the bridge. Its hooning video has gone viral on social media.   


##infamous ##skids ##brisbane ##gateway ##FTP

♬ original sound – rarehoot

“These changes will provide police with enhanced flexibility when dealing with gatherings of hoons,” Police Minister Mark Ryan following the announcement of the QPS’ investment in these drones. 

“For example, if dozens of cars were hooning in a particular location, police would be able to use these new hi-tech cameras to capture images of all the vehicles. The high-resolution images would allow police to identify each vehicle, and then proceed to take action against the registered owner unless the owner could demonstrate they weren’t driving at the time.

“The expanded laws would apply to a greater range of traffic offences caught on camera. An offender would no longer be able to avoid prosecution by simply masking their identities and denying they had been behind the wheel.

“There’s no apology for targeting these reckless drivers.”

Kerry Foods Murarrie to More Open Jobs for New Food & Technology Centre

More job opportunities will soon open up at global food brand Kerry Foods as it plans to create a new food and technology centre at its Murarrie facility.

The Irish company is expected to hire some 55 new workers, who will join the current 190 employees at the east Brisbane site. Kerry Foods is also moving its Australia and New Zealand headquarters from Sydney to Brisbane in a bid to ramp up its presence in this region. However, the Sydney facility will still be retained as a research and development hub. 

Kerry Australia and New Zealand General Manager Christine Giuliano said that the new food and technology centre will be in line with the company’s goals to innovate and create more value for the benefit of their millions of consumers. 

The Murrarie team is expected to work with the company’s expansive R & D networks around the world and provide local suppliers access to global industries to “ultimately deliver exciting products that resonate with the local market.”

Photo Credit: Kerry Foods/Facebook

Along with generating new products, the Murrarie facility will also help cut down the time it takes to bring the products to the customers in Australia, where the grocery sector is the largest manufacturing sector with a $50 billion annual turnover. 

Ms Guiliano also said that they will create an employment program for Queensland graduates in partnership with universities.

“We are committed to investing in local talent and developing the next generation of Australian food scientists. Considering Queensland’s alignment with Kerry’s growth strategies, we are looking forward to supporting a strong, sustainable and critical food and beverage manufacturing sector in the region,” the general manager’s statement read

Kerry Foods increased its investment in Queensland because of the state government’s Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund

Rising Murrarie Star Eager to Compete in the Paralympics

Patrick O’Brien, a Murrarie swimmer with autism, is well on the way towards a bright future competing in the Paralympics.

Patrick, a 17-year-old with autism and an intellectual disability, swims with Carina Leagues CJ’s Swim Club. He has already won numerous medals throughout his career, competing in the multiclass events from State to National level.

With the aid of his support worker under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, he trains six days a week and enters swimming competitions fortnightly. His journey first began five years ago after attending ‘Learn to Swim’ lessons for the Special Olympics at the age of 12.

“We always wanted him to learn how to swim; he has always loved the water but couldn’t swim,” says Kate Jansons, his mother. “We saw Learn to Swim in Redlands so after a couple of lessons they got him competing. Now he’s on his Paralympics pathway.” 

Photo credit: NDIS

Only three years later and Patrick O’Brien had made it to Nationals, winning three gold medals and one silver medal. During the 2019 World Paralympics trials in Brisbane, he entered the Top 10, and will swim at the Paralympics Trials coming up in Adelaide around June. 

Outside of the pool, Patrick receives regular help from his support worker. Much of his hobbies relate to fitness and sporting activities such as athletics and cross-country. “The NDIS has been great at getting him to therapies and into his things, like being able to compete and to keep him safe,” says his mum. 

For those interested in learning more about the NDIS, visit their website. Follow their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest on the services they can provide, as well as any other relevant events, dates, and exciting updates.

This Murrarie Brewery is Giving ‘Pawternity’ Leave to Employees

Pet parenting is no longer a fad. It’s a lifestyle embraced by those who consider pets as family and recently opened BrewDog in Murrarie is recognising the importance of pets as it extends Pawternity Leave benefits to its employees. 

The Scottish brewery and pub chain, which opened its first site in Australia in Murrarie in late November 2019, has been implementing its Puppy Parental Leave since 2017. BrewDog Murrarie workers may also avail of the same benefit and get an extra week of paid leave if they adopt or have a new puppy at home. 

New furry family members need some time to settle in its new home and BrewDog sees the value of having pet parents around for a puppy’s first few days in a new place. 

“We know that welcoming a four-legged arrival to the family is a big commitment,” BrewDog’s pawternity leave policy stated. “Gaining trust, housetraining and working out routines take time so we have decided to make things easy by offering Puppy Leave.” 

When the pups are well-adjusted, employees may also bring their furry kids to the brewery. 

Photo Credit: Brewdog/Facebook

Per reports, RSPCA Queensland praised BrewDog for this initiative. However, the brewery is not the first company in Australia to offer the perk to its staff. Australia’s largest online pet store, Pet Circle, also has a similar pawternity leave in place.

Pet parental leave is increasingly becoming part of the Australian work culture. Although, some companies might not provide paid provisions. Instead, working hours and leave accommodations may be negotiated with staff superiors but this still ensures the worker a job when they come back from raising and training their furry family members.