Morningside Panthers’ Resilience Shines Through Despite Narrow Defeat

The Morningside Panthers Football Club is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the QAFL Colts competition, as their rising stars shine brightly amidst their determined efforts on the field.

In an action-packed clash during round 8 of the QAFL colts competition, the Morningside Panthers displayed their resilience and determination, even in the face of a narrow defeat. Led by standout performers Bryce Longland, Tom Southon, and Tanner Griffiths, the Panthers are making their mark and leaving opponents in awe with their unwavering spirit and commitment to success. 

The Cats found themselves trailing as they entered the final term against the stubborn Morningside Panthers Football Club. However, with an impressive display of resilience and skill, the Cats rallied and finished the game victorious.

Bryce Longland and Jack Jovanovic played crucial roles, contributing three goals each to lead their respective team. Broadbeach coach Lewis Chiodo praised his players for their team effort and their fearless performance, especially with the inclusion of numerous new faces.

Panthers coach Ross Anderson, recognised his players’ outstanding individual efforts despite their setback. As he continuously engaged in forward line competition, Bryce Longland’s skill was clear. Tom Southon shown his versatility by making a huge impact at the back and midfield. Tanner Griffiths dazzled with his defensive prowess on the backline, and Joey Wilson and Harry Taylor put out constant effort and fierce competition throughout the game.

Meanwhile, in another exciting showdown, the Labrador Tigers secured their first win of the season against Noosa, following the exceptional contributions of 15-year-olds Mick Marimowa, Zody Bradshaw, and Jayden De Simone. Other stand-outs were the midfield dominance of Cody Davis and the impactful performances of Mason Field, Jack Turner, and Zach De Simone in defence.

And then there’s Palm Beach Currumbin who dominated early in their match against Surfers Paradise, showcasing the talents of 17-year-olds Ryan Davis, Thomas Grimster, and Beau Lester-Sutherland.

Jack Frewster of Wilston Grange proved instrumental with three goals in their thrilling victory against the Roos. Despite missing eight regular players, Wilston Grange coach Darren Fazldeen commended the team for their outstanding collective effort. He expressed immense pride in their performance, acknowledging the challenging nature of playing against the formidable Maroochydore team.

The Sharks and Hornets engaged in a thrilling battle, culminating in a one-point victory for the Redland-Victoria Point Sharks, thanks to standout performances from Sam Catlow-Elliott, Harrison Sala, and Raph Geesu. 

Lastly, Sherwood staged an impressive comeback against Mt Gravatt, highlighted by a dominant third quarter, where Zack Bidgood’s three goals played a vital role. 

Round 8 of the QAFL Colts competition showcased exhilarating matches and emerging talents, underscoring the bright future of Australian football. As the season progresses, anticipation builds for more thrilling clashes, where these teams will continue to demonstrate their skills, determination, and passion for the game.

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Published 23-May-2023