Support Small Business Owners at the Exclusive African House Market

The African House at Jean Howie Drive kicked off its very first Market Day to showcase small business owners and local African-run enterprises in January 2020. It’s back for a second time on Saturday, the 29th of February 2020, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Sponsored by the Queensland African Communities Council (QACC), this market is where you could discover some impressive African-inspired items produced by artists and crafters with an African background. Did you know that there are over 63,000 African-Australian individuals residing in many communities across Queensland?

The African House Market is also an opportunity for small business owners to showcase their work or products. If you’re interested in becoming a stallholder, you may apply by filling out the online form. Stalls are for $25 per table and chair. 

For enquiries about the market, phone William at 0435 805 665 or email

Established since 2003, the QACC provides opportunities for skilled immigrants and refugees to flourish and thrive in Australia. The organisation won the 2013 Queensland Multicultural Award in the Not-for-Profit Community Organisation-Greater Brisbane.