How St John Ambulance Makes a Difference in Morningside and Beyond

For the last 130 years, St John Ambulance has been on a mission to educate, equip and prepare people to help other people who are in distress, injured, sick, or in danger.

The self-funding charity group, with its nearly 150 staff members across Queensland, also takes care of the lonely, marginalised and disadvantaged members of the community in various clinical, practical, and prehospital care.

First Aid and CPR Training
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In 2018, St John Ambulance reached a milestone of training a million Australians in first aid. More than 500,000 of these trainees have volunteered their hours in health agencies. Many have gone on to help their communities as emergency responders. 

CPR Training for Workers' Compliance
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Apart from first aid training, St John Ambulance also provides social support services, community visits, mental health training, community transport, and sales of medical products.

St John Ambulance Morningside

In Morningside, St John Ambulance has a store, located on Beverly Street, that carries first aid, incontinence, and mobility supplies for home use and for workplaces, first aid rooms, and motor vehicles that need to be ready for emergencies. 

First Aid Kits

Stocking and replenishing your first aid kit is also so much easier with St John Ambulance Morningside. First aid kit products carried by St John Ambulance have been tried, tested, and regularly used by its over 13,000 volunteers around the world.


Did you know that some items in a typical first aid kit have a shelf life of only 12 months and may need to be replenished every year? Actually, it’s highly advisable to replace any items as soon as they are used, so that your kit stays ready in case of an emergency. 

Products that appear deteriorated or unsealed, as in the case of sterile items, must also be replaced to ensure that everything is still safe to use in case of an incident.

Phone 1300 ST JOHN (785 646) for support in restocking.

Mobility Aid and Continence Products

St John Ambulance Morningside provides a variety of mobility and continence products to aid individuals who may have difficulty getting around or controlling their bladder movements.

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These devices fit every need, purpose, and preference, as well as allow independence for the users as they enjoy their daily activities.

Other Services

First Aid Training for Kids
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The Morningside unit also works with community members in various stages of their lives through these programs:

School-age kids
(5-12 years old)
First Aid in Schools (FAIS) initiative, a program offering first aid education among kids 
Teenager and young adults (11 to 35 years old)Health and Medical Services (HMS) program, especially during sports or high profile events, including vaccination drives

First Aid and CPR Training program 
Middle-aged adults(36 to 59 years old)First Aid and CPR Training program, especially for the workforce

Volunteering Opportunities, including home visits or telephone calls to seniors so the individual maintains a social connection with the community.
Seniors (60 and above)Community Visitors Scheme, where the volunteers spend time with the seniors for coffee talks and table games

Transport services to help seniors get to their clinic appointments or favourite cafe

Social Trips to enhance the lives of the older generation
St John Transport Services
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Supporting St John’s Mission

Social Trips
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The services provided by St John staff and volunteers won’t be possible without the community’s help.

During a restricted pandemic year, the organisation as a whole managed to train 17,125 youngsters and 25,785 adults in first aid. Over 25,000 volunteer hours were conducted by 360 selfless individuals. All across Queensland, 35 events were held, including COVID-19 clinics, to facilitate community services.  

Donations also keep the organisation afloat as it continues to conduct training, provide first aid supplies, and community social services.