The Sim Range: Extraordinary Golfing Experiences Await in Cannon Hill’s Newest Gem

Did you know that the Sim Range, a family-owned and operated 24/7 driving range and 18-hole golf course simulator, has opened in Cannon Hill, offering a remarkable fusion of technology, entertainment, and community?

The new recreational site is more than just a golfing facility; it’s a visionary venture that seeks to elevate the essence of golf. Founded with a passion for the sport and a commitment to making golf accessible to all, The Sim Range is a haven for golfers of all levels, from novices to experts.

The Sim Range’s goal is to provide golf enthusiasts with top-notch simulator technology and exceptional customer service. The owners also want to create a vibrant community where golfers can connect, thrive, and forge lasting connections. With a blend of technology and warm hospitality, they aspire to inspire a lifelong love for the game of golf.

Immersive Experiences Await

Cutting-edge simulators provide guests a realistic golfing environment, offering precision and breathtaking realism with every swing. The commitment to excellence extends to the immersive visuals, accurate ball flight data, and a welcoming atmosphere that greets golfers.

The Sim Range allows golfers to tee off on world-renowned courses, experiencing the rush of competition or enjoying a leisurely round with friends. The stunning graphics and immersive soundscapes transport players to revered fairways around the globe. These simulators faithfully replicate the essence of golf, creating an unparalleled golfing experience that leaves players awe-struck.

Beyond technology, The Sim Range focuses on creating a sense of belonging and fostering a vibrant golfing community. Golf enthusiasts can connect with fellow players, participate in tournaments, attend clinics, and share the camaraderie that makes golf special. 

Golf for Everyone

The Sim Range welcomes seasoned pros, aspiring golfers, and those looking to try something new. It’s an invitation to embark on an unforgettable golfing journey, to elevate your game, ignite your passion, and discover the extraordinary world of simulator golf.

So, what exactly is simulator golf? It’s golf without the walking, in a quarter of the time, and without being at the mercy of the elements. Their high-definition projectors and sophisticated launch monitors recreate the look and feel of real golf, showcasing realistic ball physics. Players can hit balls on the range or play full rounds on a choice of famous courses from around the world.

To join The Sim Range as a member, individuals must be 18 years old or 16 with parental consent. However, social rounds are open to the whole family, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

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Published 1-Nov-2023