Experienced Art Educators @ Morningside’s Tiny Art Will Spark Your Kid’s Creativity This School Break

Spark your kid’s creativity this winter break with Tiny Art’s School Holiday Workshops. There’s no easy way to “avoid the cries of ‘I’m Bored’ ” than sending little ones over to do fun activities with other kids their age. Morningside’s Tiny Art regularly holds holistic art workshops every school holiday. If your kids aren’t into art yet, this might be a good start for them to learn this highly interesting hobby. Who knows? You might just discover your kid’s hidden talent to be the next possible Pablo Picasso!

Holistic Art Classes & Workshops

Morningside Tiny Art
Your kids will love the company and the lessons at Tiny Art! Photo Credit: TINY ART/Facebook

School holiday workshops at Tiny Art are set in small group sessions. Each workshop is inclusive of all materials and aprons so your kids don’t have to bring anything other than their own water bottles or drinks. During workshops, kids will be taught various artistic techniques in painting, printing, sculpture, and collage. All activities are sure to ignite their hidden creativity and leave them inspired even when school starts again.

Workshops for kids aged 2 to 5-years-old cost $25 and will run for 45 minutes. Parents or guardians are required to be present for the entire class duration. For kids aged 6 to 12-years-old, workshops cost $37 and will run for 90 minutes. Parents or guardians have the option to stay for “some or all of the lesson duration.” Workshops usually vary by dates and times, with the earliest class starting on 26 June at 9:00 a.m.

Click here for bookings and details on their School Holiday Workshops.

Aside from their School Holiday program, Tiny Art also offers Kindy workshops, art classes for kids aged 5 to 7-years-old, adult workshops, and art parties. Apparently, they offer “artistic fun” not just for kids but for all ages, too! Want more creative motivation from them? Click here to see their gallery.

Experienced Art Educators

Tiny Art has a good Brisbane-based team of creative teachers that “specialises in helping kids discover the world of art making.” Through their years of experience, the team learned that nurturing the children’s natural love of art will give them a “developmental head start – physically, emotionally & intellectually.”

Meet Debra Bryant (creative director and educator), Michelle Trgovac (educator), and Crystal Mackean (educator). They’re the experienced art teachers who are well aware that “little minds contain big imaginations.” They thus bring “expert teaching methods” into their art classes, parties or workshops. With them, parents can guarantee that every kid is taught with “a whole lot of enthusiasm.”

Morningside Tiny Art
Morningside’s Tiny Art has a good set of experienced mentors. They’re local artists, too! Photo Credit: http://www.tinyart.com.au/about-us

Debra, a graduate of BA Visual Arts in Fine Arts and BA Education, is a registered art educator. She holds a current Blue Card and she’s also a member of the Queensland Art Teachers Association (QATA). Her portfolio of experiences as an educator in her chosen field include teaching art classes and creative workshops in childcare centres, primary and secondary schools in the country as well as overseas in the UK.

Michelle, a graduate of BA Visual Arts in Fine Arts with diplomas in Illustration and Small Business Management, is a well-experienced art educator with a good craving for further knowledge in her field of choice. She currently studies Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. She purportedly has a passion for “teaching and inspiring children.” She wants creativity to become part of every kid’s life.

Crystal, a graduate of BA Creative Arts in Fine Arts with a diploma in Teaching and Learning, is a dedicated visual arts teacher involved as a coordinator in the “Creative Generation Awards” for Brisbane’s metropolitan area. During her spare time, she draws, paints, and captures amazing photographs. And like her co-educators in Tiny Art, she is also passionate in teaching arts to kids of all ages “both in and out of school.”

Tiny Art conducts their art sessions under Block B at Morningside State School in the suburb’s 67 Pashen Street. For bookings and inquiries, you may contact them via online form by clicking here or phone them on (+61) 421 844 508. You may also send an email to deb@tinyart.com.au.