Morningside Picture Framing Holds First Exhibit Featuring Brenden McDonough

Morningside Picture Framing has moved to an expanded location and to inaugurate its new art gallery, the quality custom framing business will feature the creation of local artist Brenden James McDonough as its first exhibit.

Mr McDonough’s exhibit, titled “Take a Walk in My Shoes,” will open on Friday, the 24th of May 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at the Morningside Picture Framing Gallery at 11/611 Wynnum Road.

Five of his artworks will be auctioned off during the opening, where part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Photo Credit: Brenden James McDonough/Facebook

These art pieces carry a footwear theme that highlights important stages of the artist’s life:

  • Being a little kid. Wanting to grow up to be like my Dad
  • Going to university and travelling the world
  • Playing footy and the pain involved
  • Teaching
  • Goal to become a full-time artist  

As announced on his Facebook page, Mr McDonough has initiated a blind bidding process. Ahead of the actual exhibit, interested parties may view these five pieces at Morningside Picture Framing for the bidding.

The artist, who grew up in South Lismore in NSW, is currently a high school teacher in Beenleigh, Queensland. He decided to take up drawing seriously in 2017 and was mostly self-taught to develop his creative skill. He also picked pens as his medium for drawing, which required enormous patience.

“A lot of my friends commented to me during the initial stages on how much patience I must have when it comes to drawing. They often asked how I could be bothered. Whilst my wife and kids may disagree, I have always thought I was a fairly patient person.

“I also usually tell them the following story- When I first moved out of home, I lived in a unit by myself with no television, no computer, not even a radio. So one night, I filled a saucepan up with water, put it on the stove and watched it boil until all the water evaporated just to see how long it would take (I’ll give you a hot tip, it takes… ages).

“Morale (sic) of the story, I can waste hours of time doing dumb shit like this, so putting in the time toward something that is actually fulfilling and rewarding was child’s play.”

Morningside Picture Framing Gallery will be holding exhibitions of other local artists after Mr McDonough. The goal is to create an artists’ haven to showcase their work in Morningside.