Cheap Thrills at Cannon Hill’s Best-Kept Secret Shop

Cannon Hill’s Gold Coin Shop is probably one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets when it comes to scoring a bargain. The shop sells various home and personal items at really inexpensive prices. Who can resist a sign that says “Everything $1”? Combs, brushes, under garments, socks, stickers, containers, packet herbs, dishes, hooks, felt pads for furniture feet, and many more. Shoppers at this secret hub usually leave with smiles on their faces and shopping bags full of nifty, affordable finds.

There is one catch though. They say this secret shopping hub is only generally known to Cannon Hill residents because it is not easy to find. Lynne Cargill of Salisbury talks about  how she was able to locate the Gold Coin Shop. According to her, finding the shop was “nothing short of a miracle.”  

We’ll let you in on the secret. The Gold Coin Shop is located all alone “at the back of the very end part” of Cannon Hill’s Save City Shops.

This lone shopping hub has no website or a social media page. It just stands there, silent and unadvertised, gaining mileage through word-of-mouth, waiting to be found by thrifty, diligent, and resourceful shoppers.

Well, now the cat’s out of the bag.

Cannon Hill Gold Coin Shop
People just can’t get enough of cheap thrills! Photo Credit:


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