Lick! Ice Cream Morningside: Five Things to Know About the Newest Ice Cream in the Neighbourhood

Lick! Ice Cream has just opened in Morningside in late November and it has hands down won over the neighbourhood. From its back story on how it became an ice cream icon when it created the Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream for the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association or RNA in 2012, to the brand’s production of more than 600 different flavours since its inception, patrons can very well tell that there’s more to Lick! Ice Cream than meets the eye. Or tongue.

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Discover some fun facts about the newest ice cream shop in the neighbourhood. Here are five things about Lick! Ice Cream that you should know:

Christmas Ice Cream Flavours

Lick! Ice Cream has just released its two Christmas ice cream flavours for kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy. Anyone across Brisbane can go at their shops in Morningside or Graceville to enjoy the Legendary Gingerbread Ice cream and Chocolate Condensed Milk Ice Cream flavours up until Christmas Day.

Lengendary Gingerbread icecream and Chocolate Condensed Milk icecream
Credit: Lick! Ice Cream

Home Delivery at its Finest With Uber Eats

Whether you’re feeling lazy to go out or caught up with too many things to bring the kids out, there is only one destination for takeaways and delivery, where you can find all the best that there is in Brisbane: Uber Eats! And since Lick! Ice Cream is one of the best, it has just announced on 8th December that they are now available for home delivery via Uber Eats. Uber great, right?

Credit: Lick! Ice Cream Facebook

Ice Cream Cakes

Who would have thought that you can have both of your most favourite sweets in one serving? Lick! offers ice cream cakes where customers can choose one flavour for the base, and then four different flavours more for the scooped balls of ice cream which serves as toppings for the cake. Sinfully scrumptious! Lick! Ice cream cakes come in square or circle shapes and are available in two sizes: one for 10 to 12 people and another for 20 to 22 people. Or you can make that 5 to 6 people and 10 to 11 people, if all of you have two servings each!

His and Hers Ice Cream Cake
Credit: Lick! Ice Cream

Vegan/Vegetarians are Totally Welcome!

The sorbets served by Lick! contain no dairy, egg or any other animal product. Through the years, the brand has in fact amassed a loyal following of vegan customers. Interestingly enough, their most favourite order is the Cocoa sorbet.

Strawberry Sundae
Credit: Lick! Ice Cream Facebook

Lick! Ice Cream is Open for Wholesale

Lick! can supply the dessert or ice cream for your stores, restaurants or other small food businesses. The team can either create a personalized flavour exclusive for your menu or you can order from their available flavours. Lick! can also hold a taste-testing events for customers as a means of marketing support.

Charcoal Waffle at Wild Canary Eat Served with Lick! Ice Cream
Credit: Lick! Ice Cream Facebook
Tarte Tatin dessert at The Charming Squire featuring Rum and Raisin ice cream
Credit: Lick! Ice Cream Facebook

Here is one testimonial from among their wholesale customers:

“Customs House has been using Lick Ice Cream for the past 10 years for all our function and restaurant requirements. It has been fantastic dealing with Grant, his passion for the product he produces speaks for itself. The versatility he offers with flavour combinations and ability to create unique ice creams is what sets them ahead of all others. Well balanced sweet and savoury ice creams and sorbets is so important and this is one area that Grant and his team have got down to perfection.”

Lick! Ice Cream Morningside is at 5/591 Wynnum Rd Morningside