Developer Submits Plans For Self-storage Facility In Morningside

A seven-storey building for a self-storage facility with office and retail spaces could be built in Wynnum Road, Morningside, if a development application gets approved.

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The ground floor will be used for two retail tenancies whilst the first floor will be for two office tenancies. The remaining floors above including a portion of the ground floor will be dedicated for the self-storage facility.

Designed by WMK Architecture, the building will have a 24.8m overall height and a gross floor area of 7,421 sqm. 

Photo credit: WMK Architecture

The subject site, located at 495A, 495C & 497 Wynnum Road, Morningside, is currently vacant after the existing single-storey commercial building was demolished. 

It’s located on the boundary of Queensland Railways land and within 25m of the Cleveland Railway Line and Morningside Railway Station. 

Self-storage Facility
Photo credit: WMK Architecture

The self-storage facility is conceptualised to include a mix of storage options and sizes, including 350 storage units with an average floorspace of 12sqm. Besides the larger storage units, the building will also have around 200 smaller storage lockers.

“The proposed self-storage facility on-site will realise a unique opportunity for servicing resident and business needs for off-site storage, particularly in the inner-city suburbs and along major transport corridors where high density residential development is encouraged,” planners at iPlan Town Planning stated.

The applicant stated in the planning documents that the facility’s location on Wynnum Road offers exposure for east-west traffic and convenience for residents throughout the broader locality.

View of subject site (Photo credit: Google Street View)

“Self-storage facilities are significant economic generators offering opportunities for business start-ups and small to medium enterprises to grow and develop their businesses within the Brisbane area, and in particular within Morningside,” planning documents read.

Self-storage Facility
Photo credit: Google Street View

Also part of the proposal is a car parking space for 20 vehicles, including one for PWD and two for trailers. In addition, provision is made for end of trip facilities and designated bicycle parking for the new office and retail tenancies.

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To learn more about the proposed self-storage facility in Morningside, visit Brisbane City Council PD Online with the reference A006190276.