42-Berth Marina Planned for Commercial and Tourist Boats in Murarrie

Photo Credit: Screengrab from Google Maps

A 42-berth marina will be built near the Gateway Bridge, on the Brisbane River, at Raptis Seafoods in Murarrie. This marina will support maritime tourism by offering overnight anchoring for business and tourist boats as part of the Growing Future Tourism strategy.

Once built, the marina will provide a much-needed docking option for Brisbane’s maritime tourism operators, especially after recent obstacles like the 2022 floods and waterfront developments. However, it is not meant to be a pick-up and drop-off location for tourists. 

With construction clearances pending, the marina is anticipated to open in April 2025.

Tourism Initiatives

According to projections, the marina will bring in $66.6 million in private investment from the $15 million the Queensland government has allocated to five tourism initiatives. This financing will maintain 669 ongoing operational functions and about 313 jobs during planning and construction. The combined effect of these developments is anticipated to bring in over 216,000 extra tourists per year, translating into an extra $63 million in spending. The projects are expected to be finished by June 2026.

This effort includes a 50-meter jetty at Lindeman Island Resort, eco-cabins at Australia Zoo’s Crocodile Hunter Lodge, and a marine tourist hub at Townsville’s Flinders Street Wharves.

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Growing Future Tourism, QLD QLD Dept of Tourism & Sport
Photo Credit: QLD Dept of Tourism & Sport

Michael Healy, the Minister of Tourism, highlighted the marina’s role in giving river tourist companies a secure foundation and commended Raptis and the Queensland Government for their cooperation. He also emphasised the Growing Future Tourism program’s contribution to developing fresh travel alternatives in the area.

The CEO and spokesperson for Raptis Investments, Tim Beirne, highlighted the importance of the marina’s project in boosting local tourism and stated the company’s excitement about obtaining money for it. In line with the rising demand for coastal and aquatic experiences, he highlighted that repurposing Raptis Seafoods wharves would provide security for home porting, encourage investment, and generate new job possibilities in the tourism sector. 

About Raptis

In the 1930s, Arthur Raptis Sr., a migrant labourer, discovered his calling in fishing. In the 1950s, after relocating to Adelaide, his wife Anna started a fish and chip store. Their desire to succeed as entrepreneurs drove them to fillet their catch for nearby stores. Their daughter and four sons joined in, growing the company into retail and wholesale seafood.

A. Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd (Raptis) is one of the biggest privately held fishing firms in Australia today. Raptis is a local and international supplier of high-quality seafood products, emphasising responsible fishing practices. Australia’s fish populations will flourish for future generations thanks to their dedication to sustainable techniques. From the ocean to the plate, Raptis maintains premium seafood by utilising technology.

Published 18-March-2024