From Murarrie to the USA : Tritium to Build Tennessee Manufacturing Facility

From Murrarie to the USA : Tritium to Build Tennessee Manufacturing Facility

Murarrie-based Tritium is expanding its US operations with plans to build its first manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee and start production in the third quarter of 2022.

The announcement comes two weeks after Tritium is listed on the NASDAQ and with no less than President Biden welcoming the announcement on 8 February 2022 (ET), describing the new Tritium manufacturing facility as “more than just great news for Tennessee.” 

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“Yes, it’s going to create more than 500 good-paying jobs in Tennessee, but it’s going to deliver greater dignity and a little more breathing room to workers and their families.  And it’s going to have a ripple effect beyond — and far beyond one state,” President Biden said

The new facility is expected to house up to six production lines and to produce more than 10,000 Buy America-compliant Tritium DC fast charger units annually, including the award-winning RTM and all-new PKM150 models, with potential peak production of 30,000 units per year. 

In November 2021, a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed the US Congress which earmarks $7.5 billion to be invested in a nationwide network of EV charging stations and speed up the adoption of zero-emission vehicles “to address the climate crisis and support domestic manufacturing jobs.”

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal was first announced on 28 July 2021 which undoubtedly impacted Tritium’s overall revenue mix that year. The company has seen an upswing in its revenue coming from the U.S. based on the preliminary revenue figures for the twelve months ended December 31, 2021.

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Tritium said that the United States and Europe accounted for approximately 43% and 43% of the Company’s revenue, respectively. That is a significant change in revenue mix when compared to the twelve months ended June 30, 2021, where it shows the U.S. and Europe revenue share of 23% and 68%, respectively; the rest of the revenue comes from the Asia Pacific.

“Tritium’s investment in a U.S.-based, cutting-edge facility for manufacturing is part of our strong push toward global growth in support of the e-mobility industry,” said Tritium CEO Jane Hunter. 

“We are thrilled to work with the U.S. Federal government and the State of Tennessee on this initiative. With the help of the hard-working residents of Tennessee, we expect to double or even triple our charger production capacity to further our product distribution throughout the United States.”

Other major EV charging manufacturers are also expanding their U.S. operations including Siemens, ABB, FreeWire Technologies and Dunamis Clean Energy Partners.