Melbourne Coffee Pioneer ST ALi Sets Up Shop in Morningside

St ali
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When it comes to specialty coffee in Australia, ST ALi was one of the first pioneers that helped define and shape the modern industry. Now, after years of supplying beans to Queensland’s best cafes, ST ALi has officially opened its first Brisbane outpost located in an industrial space in Morningside.

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Since opening its first cafe in Melbourne in 2005, ST ALi has led the way in direct relationships with farmers, in-house roasting, expert barista training and top-notch hospitality.

Now, their new space (previously Dramanti Artisan Roaster) houses a roasting operation, espresso bar and upstairs training area to help ST ALi carve out an even bigger foothold in a market it sees major potential for growth in.

Photo credit: st_ali/Instagram 

According to the CEO Lachlan Ward, Southeast Queensland has shown the fastest expansion out of any region for the business, which he is extremely proud of. He expects Queensland to surpass New South Wales as ST ALi’s second largest market behind Victoria within the next year.

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The Morningside warehouse location will enable them to not only improve service for its over 50 existing cafe customers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but also create a retail-style space for coffee enthusiasts to connect with the brand.

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Photo credit: Daniel Larder-begley/Google Maps 

The CEO explained that cafes that use their beans are like showrooms for the product, but interstate it’s hard to create those touchpoints, so a customer-facing venue is key.

Whilst initially focusing on branding and aesthetics, future plans include upgrading the coffee bar and adding a small kitchen. However, the Morningside space will maintain an industrial warehouse atmosphere on purpose.

Photo credit: st_ali/Instagram 

The new location will also have a very different vibe than their full-scale Melbourne cafes. Here the focus is more on a stripped down coffee education experience to support wholesale customers.

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With one of Australia’s pioneering coffee companies now established in Brisbane, expect ongoing uplift in standards and quality across the local café scene. ST ALi has a proven track record of advancing specialty coffee, and there’s no reason to believe they will not continue that legacy in Queensland.

Published 23-December-2023