Morningside Businesses Team Up To Feed Hungry Families

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Queensland’s largest hunger-relief charity Foodbank, whose distribution centre is based in Morningside has partnered with the Australian Consumer Choice (ACC) to deliver much-need protein to hungry families during the global pandemic.

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ACC, a longstanding, family-owned cattle and beef company known for providing high-quality meat products to domestic and export markets, serves as the national donor to Foodbank. 

They ensure no products go unnecessarily to waste, providing donations of surplus, mislabelled or underweight products so those experiencing food insecurity can have access to protein. Since the start of 2020, ACC had donated more than 30,000 kilograms of meat products, providing the equivalent of almost 56,000 meals.

“Our Brisbane food processing facility at Cannon Hill is literally just up the road from Foodbank Queensland’s Morningside distribution centre,” said ACC Chief Executive Officer Anthony Lee in a media release.

Foodbank’s QLD centre at Morningside (Photo supplied)

Foodbank Australia General Manager, National Supply Chain, Michael Davidson, said meat was not a product that traditionally came to Foodbank in significant or regular volume, yet it was an important source of protein for families, regardless of their financial situation.

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“Our partnership with ACC has the added advantage of proximity, which means it’s just a 4-minute drive from Foodbank QLD to pick up their donations,” said Mr Davidson. 

Mr Davidson said this is a great example of like-minded organisations in Brisbane’s southeast working together for a good cause to provide much-needed food relief supplies, including protein for the Foodbank network and the local charities to distribute.

Foodbank Hunger Drive

Every September, Foodbank observes the Foodbank Hunger Drive month, which raises awareness of the 1 in 5 Queenslanders who face hunger each year and often don’t know where their next meal is coming from. This month also marks the second anniversary of ACC’s national support for Foodbank Australia. To learn more about this initiative, visit Foodbank’s Hunger Drive website.