New Baby Motivates Morningside Olympian Mum for Paris Olympics

Morningside Olympian Mum
Photo Credit: Supplied

Genevieve Gregson, Morningside Olympian mum, is enjoying as much time as she can spend with her new baby, Archer James Gregson, born at Mater Mothers’ Hospital on June 15, whilst she eagerly awaits her clearance to start training for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The new mum is also taking the time to heal and regain her strength and endurance before she starts another chapter in her Olympic career, with a renewed perspective and motivation.

Genevieve, a middle-distance runner, had a major setback at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics when she ruptured her right Achilles after falling on the last water jump of the women’s 3000m steeple chase final. She left the stadium in a wheelchair but had a stark realization that this was her chance to finally get on with her plans to expand her family with her husband, Ryan Gregson. 

“Up until Tokyo, my main goal and what drove me was running and my sport. It’s my hobby and passion,” the Morningside Olympian mum said.

“The way Tokyo unfolded was heartbreaking at the time. As an athlete, I was looking for something to set in my sights. My injury was horrible, and it was going to be a long recovery.

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“If I hadn’t done that injury, I wouldn’t have had Archer. It’s a blessing in disguise. I have put everything into perspective.

“I still have so many running goals and plan on qualifying for my fourth Olympics.”

The Gregsons have been enjoying having Archer in the family, who was home from the hospital two days after he was born. Genevieve acknowledges the exceptional care extended to her and her baby at the Mater Mother’s Hospital. 

Photo Credit: Supplied

“I didn’t know you could love something so much,” the new mum said. 

“I did too much research prior to having him and heard all the scary stories of sleepless nights and scary birth stories, but it has been a dream run for us.

“I think it also helps that I am a high-energy person and used to running off little sleep.”