Safety Concern Grows at a Morningside Intersection

Morningside intersection
Photo Credit: CrLucyCollier/Facebook

Morningside is cherished by its residents for its community spirit and idyllic charm but amidst this tranquillity are some perilous intersections that have long been a cause for concern. At the forefront of these worries stands the intersection of Barton and Hawthorne Roads, a crucial thoroughfare that witnesses a steady flow of motorists and pedestrians, especially during peak hours. 

Located in proximity to local corner stores, cafes, and schools, this intersection has become the centre of apprehension due to its alarming rate of incidents, injuries, and near-misses.

In response to these pressing safety concerns, Cr Lucy Collier, representing the Morningside Ward, has been a vocal advocate for urgent improvements. But the catalyst for change came from a local mother and resident, Ashleigh Gray. 

Recognising the gravity of the situation and motivated by a genuine desire to enhance the safety of her community, Ms Gray collaborated with Ms Collier to initiate a petition. This heartfelt effort garnered the support of over 200 concerned neighbours and community members, all rallying behind the common goal of making their streets safer.

As a resident and parent, Ms Gray has first-hand experience navigating the challenges posed by the Hawthorne and Barton Road intersections. She pointed out that whilst there may be other intersections in the community that require upgrades, this particular one is an integral part of her daily life. 

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As the population of Morningside continues to grow, and housing becomes denser, she firmly believes that infrastructure must evolve to ensure the safety of all residents, especially children.

A pedestrian injury at the intersection served as a wake-up call for the mum. Determined not to let negligence be the reason for potential tragedies, she contacted Ms Collier. This marked the inception of their collaborative effort, leading to the creation of the petition that received more than 250 signatures.

Recently, Ms Gray had the opportunity to address a Brisbane City Council meeting as a public participant. She described the experience as an invaluable chance to voice her community’s concerns. 

In a heartening turn of events, Brisbane City Council has confirmed, in their final meeting of 2023, that they will review the safety of the Hawthorne and Barton Road intersection.

Published 29-Dec-2023