SecondBite, Two More Food Rescue Organisations In Morningside Get Funding Boost

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Morningside food rescue organisations SecondBite, Foodbank Queensland, and FareShare Australia, have all received grants which would be used to feed more people in need and also save food from landfill.

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The three are among the 10 food rescue organisations selected for the second round of the Food Rescue Grant program, which aims to help organisations across the state stop good food from ending up in landfill, and instead help Queenslanders in need.

The funding will help organisations purchase or upgrade infrastructure and equipment as well as hire important staff to help collect and distribute food.


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SecondBite, a national food rescue organisation with a location at Riverside Place in Morningside, will receive $491,639 to upgrade freezer infrasructure and purchase a 14-pallet truck to increase the distribution of meals in south-east Queensland. 

The organisation estimates that by June 2024, some 1701 tonnes of food will be saved from landfill with this funding.

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Foodbank Queensland

Photo credit: Foodbank Queensland/Facebook

The organisation, which is currently based at Beverley St, will receive $408,096 to purchase a 6-pallet refrigerated vehicle and upgrade their coldroom, giving them the capacity to collect more food from their donors and distribute it through member charities and school breakfast programs. 

By June 2024, it’s estimated that some 141 tonnes of food will be saved from landfill with the help of this grant.

FareShare Australia

Photo credit: FareShare/Facebook

Non-profit organisation FareShare, which has a location in Brisbane’s Morningside aside from the one in Melbourne, will receive $360,000 for specialised equipment, food ingredients and staff costs, to enable them to produce foods with an increased shelf-life, for distribution to south-east and regional Queensland. 

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FareShare estimates that by June 2024, they will be able to save around 75 tonnes of food from going to landfill with this funding.

To see the full list of the organisations which have received the funding for the second round of the Food Rescue Grant program, visit Queensland Government’s website.

Published 21-March-2023