$15-Million Brewing Collaboration Centre proposed for Morningside

Morningside residents may soon witness the rise of a $15-million Brewing Collaboration Centre following Shaun Lockwood’s development application for Brisbane Brew Partners.

The proposed collaborative brewing centre aims to serve as an incubator brewery for new brewers, contract and gypsy brewers. It will have a 200,000-litre capacity, a boon to local production, as a way to augment the output of brewers that need more capacity.

Brisbane Brew Partners also targets to suit hospitality chains looking for their own beer brands, as wells as festival and event producers who want to have an event-specific beer.

Photo credit: Facebook/Brisbane Brew Partners

Brisbane’s Burgeoning Beer Scene

One of Lockwood’s mission in building the hub is to support upcoming brewers who can’t afford to have their own brewery yet. The brewing centre will provide them with the capacity to brew their own beer so they can focus on selling them.

The facility will also enable interstate brewers to brew their recipes in Queensland for the Queensland market.

Brisbane is set to have a major boost in its brewing sector since, on top of the $15-million brewing collaboration centre, a $30-million riverfront brewery is also opening in Murarrie in the first quarter of 2019.

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“If You Can’t Find It, Build It.”

Lockwood is previously known for developing a successful chain of childcare centres when he and his wife couldn’t find quality childcare in their area. Guided by his principle, “If you can’t find it, build it,” the family established a family day-care of their own.

Applying the same approach to his brewing centre, he was inspired to boost the Australian craft beer scene by supporting Brisbane’s burgeoning brewing scene.

Photo credit: pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Lockwood is confident that the development application will be approved. He is hoping that it will be given a go soon as the Morningside facility is scheduled to open in December 2018.

For more information and updates visit the Brisbane Brew Partners website or check out their Facebook page.