New Medical Centre With Office Blocks Approved For Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill will soon have a new medical centre with a pharmacy and four levels of office blocks after a developer’s amended plans have been given the green light by Council.

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The applicant, Love Sunshine Pty Ltd, has been granted approval for their revised proposal (A005625101) which was submitted in April 2021. Located at 1882 Creek Rd, the project will also provide 122 car parking spaces on two basement levels. 

Subject site (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

As with the original proposal, there are four existing dwellings on the subject site which will be demolished to facilitate the development. 

The initial plan included an indoor sport and recreation area on Level 1. However, it has been abolished and replaced with a 939-sqm medical centre under the new proposal. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Changes to the previously approved application will also feature an additional storey and an increase in gross floor area, which according to Town Planning Alliance’s assessment report, was contained within the approved setbacks and site cover.

Based on the planning documents, the changes will not increase the visual bulk of the approved development and the additional storey is accommodated within the approved building height, with only small changes to the rooftop layout. It will repurpose the rooftop for use as an outdoor play area for the proposed childcare centre.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The applicant has also received an approval to increase their parking provision to accommodate for the increase in floor space.

“These changes will provide for no additional impacts on adjoining residential amenities. The proposal is identified as being consistent with the Planning Scheme’s intent for the District Centre Zone and neighbourhood plan,” Town Planning Alliance noted.