Experience Authentic Japanese Dining at Nobunaga Yakitori Morningside

Are you craving for Yakitori but wondering where to find a restaurant across Brisbane? Explore the Morningside neighborhood and indulge with servings of authentic Japanese skewered meat at Nobunaga Yakitori.

Yakitori literally means “grilled chicken” but this Morningside diner offers more than just chicken. They have other meats such as seafood, beef and pork and even vegetables like tamanegi or sliced onion, niniku or garlic cloves, and kinoko or mushroom.

Grilled meat is best served with Japanese curry rice and nobunaga potato sarada or their own delicious potato salad with Japanese mayo on the side. For seafood lovers, they have the sea scallop from Hokkaido and the O Ebi or large prawns perfect for groups.

If you have sweet tooth, don’t miss their Japanese cheese cake imported from Fukuoka, Japan. They also have the matcha and vanilla-flavored ice creams to satisfy any sweet cravings. They have Calpis, an original Japanese soft drink to pair with grilled meat. But if you wish to add a healthier twist to your meal, you may choose their Japanese green tea or lemon tea.

More than the food, the ambience at Nobunaga Yakitori gives an authentic Japanese vibe. They have chairs complementing their wooden tables and just like the traditional way, you may opt for the seiza style of sitting on your knees.

Yakitori became popular in Japan in the mid 1900s but only became a trend in other countries like United States and Australia a few years ago. It was 2017 when Yakitori became a trend in Brisbane that there is a noticeable increase in yakitori pop-ups everywhere.

What makes yakitori special? For fans of Japanese-style grilled meat, it’s the complex flavours of the spices or sauces that give the bite-size meat an extra oomph. It is slow-cooked over a specially designed charcoal grill. The end product, a perfectly browned crust that is juicy on the inside, will whet your appetite.

Nobunaga Yakitori is located at 645 Wynnum Road, Morningside. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday from noon until 9:00 pm.

For further information, visit the restaurant’s website or check out their Facebook page.