Where To Find The Cheapest Petrol In Inner City Brisbane

Motorists looking for the cheapest petrol across the inner city can fill up at the Puma along Bennetts Rd in Norman Park where the price of unleaded petrol and diesel are among the lowest in the area.

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Puma Norman Park’s unleaded petrol price is about to hit the average price of ULP in Brisbane for February 2022, which is around 180 cpl, based on RACQ’s monthly fuel price report.

As of 9 March 2022, Puma Norman Park has the best deal:

Average Price in BrisbanePuma Norman ParkAs at / Reported by
Unleaded175.9 cpl179.79 Mar 2022, 4:46AM Reported by OPIS Proprietary
Premium Unleaded 98197.6 cpl200.73 Mar 2022, 10:09AM Reported by Qld Gvt Fuel Price Scheme
Diesel183.9 cpl199.78 Mar 2022, 4:53PM
Reported by OPIS Proprietary

As with unleaded petrol, diesel prices continue to soar at 183.9 cpl from an average of 178.3 cpl in February 2022. Last month’s price was already a new record-high for Brisbane. The previous record high monthly diesel price was 176.7 cpl observed in July 2008.

What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

brisbane fuel price
Photo credit: Engin Akyurt/Pexels

Motorists are being urged to fill up as fuel prices are expected to rise in the coming days due to several factors, including the already strained supply chain because of the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Australian refiners Viva Energy (operating under the Shell brand) and Ampol (Caltex and StarCard brands) have already stopped buying Russian crude oil, joining a growing number of companies who ceased trade ties with Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. 

Both companies revealed that they source crude from many different countries, and that they would be able to keep up with supplies as the Australian transport energy market was not overly reliant on Russian crude.

Still, they acknowledge the fact that the current international sanctions have been putting pressure on global oil prices and this is already affecting Australian retail fuel prices.

Meanwhile, Brisbane’s fuel prices are still the cheapest in the Southeast Queensland region. 

“At the moment, the expensive sites are mainly around Brisbane’s inner north, Mango Hill, Caboolture, and Acacia Ridge, as well as around the northern parts of the Gold Coast. RACQ spokesperson Kate Leonard-Jones said earlier in February. 

Ms Jones said if price hike is sustained, it’s likely petrol could surpass 200 cpl in March or April 2022.

If you need help in shopping around for cheaper fuel prices, visit RACQ’s website or download the Fair Fuel Finder App for the updated prices of unleaded petrol and diesel in Queensland.