Cannon Hill Scores Culinary Hole-in-One with Cooee Cafe & Restaurant

Forget stuffy country clubs! The vibrant golfing scene in Cannon Hill just scored a delicious new player with Cooee Cafe & Restaurant.

Cooee Cafe & Restaurant bursts onto the course, bringing gourmet flair to the suburb’s iconic fairways. The winning combination of breathtaking scenery and fine cuisine will tempt golf enthusiasts and casual foodies alike.

Cooee Cafe
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Cooee Cafe & Restaurant

Cooee’s prime location at Minnippi Golf & Range offers a side of lush fairway with every meal. Embrace the alfresco vibe at the picnic benches or opt for indoor dining.

Head Chef Lenes Pawar, a seasoned pro from popular Brisbane haunts, knows how to turn simple fare into something special.

Minnippi Golf Range
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Minnippi Golf Range

Think crispy-skinned barramundi, truffle-infused gnocchi, and a wagyu burger fit for a champion. Don’t miss their parmesan fries with truffle aioli—a stroke of brilliance!

Cooee Cafe
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Cooee Cafe & Restaurant

The menu is a crowd-pleaser, from shareable platters to satisfying mains. Those seeking heartier fare won’t be disappointed; slow-cooked pork belly bursting with Italian sausage makes a memorable contender.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Cooee Cafe & Restaurant

Pizza lovers can indulge in a classic calzone or opt for creative combinations. Weekends showcase breakfast delights like pulled pork Benedict and an Oreo-infused pancake stack—perfect fuel for conquering the course.

Cooee Cafe
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Cooee Cafe & Restaurant

Thirsty? Your Mates, Revel, and Fortitude Brewing Co. have you covered on draft, with plenty more options like Balter in cans. Craving something with a little more pzazz?

Signature cocktails like the Dai-Cooee offer a tropical twist, and pitchers of fruit spritzes provide a refreshing fix. Wine aficionados, coffee lovers, and those with a sweet tooth for smoothies and milkshakes won’t miss out either.

So, next time you’re teeing off in Cannon Hill, or simply craving a delicious meal with a picturesque backdrop, Cooee Cafe & Restaurant awaits. It’s a testament to the suburb’s evolving culinary scene, where indulgent flavours and a relaxed atmosphere make for a winning experience.

Published Date 09-May-2024

East Village Development Sparks Debate Over Views and Traffic

Residents are split over plans for a nine-storey commercial tower as part of the $1 billion East Village development in Cannon Hill, with some fearing it could ruin skyline views and worsen traffic and others thinking it would be great for the area.

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The office building, designed by architectural firm Blight Rayner, is the latest stage of developer Anthony John Group’s (AJG) massive urban renewal project on the former CSIRO site at the corner of Wynnum and Creek Roads.

Last year, Brisbane City Council asked the developers to reduce the height by one level. However, AJG responded saying this was not feasible for the prospective tenant.

East Village aerial view (Photo credit: Anthony John Group)

When complete, East Village will transform Cannon Hill into a vibrant hub with retail, dining, cinemas, apartments and a hotel. The proposed development aims to provide an activated streetscape frontage to Wynnum Road. 

There would be seven levels of contemporary office spaces and landscaping is incorporated throughout the design. Around 71 bicycle parking spaces and secure end of trip facilities are also included. 

Photo credit: Blight Rayner

Although some welcomed the tower as progress, others argued nine levels was too tall and exceeded neighbourhood plan allowances.

Locals also raised concerns over increased congestion on Wynnum and Creek Roads. “Sounds like a great plan; the suburb is ideally placed for increased density. My only concerns arethe impact on traffic and ensuring there is sufficient car parking on site. Overall, a great development that may offer diversity in how we work and live,” one submission read.

East village
Subject site (Photo credit: Google Street View)

“No other buildings in the area are at that height and will shadow over neighbouring apartments and road,” said another resident.

AJG’s planning firm Place Design Group said surrounding buildings ranged from five to seven storeys, similar in scale and form. They added Council had previously indicated support for eight levels, with the extra ninth accommodating the slope. Traffic experts said there would be no direct Wynnum Road access.

The $1 billion East Village project aims to revitalise the former industrial site into a bustling community precinct. However, the latest commercial tower has left residents torn over its impact.

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Published 21-February-2024 

The Sim Range: Extraordinary Golfing Experiences Await in Cannon Hill’s Newest Gem

Did you know that the Sim Range, a family-owned and operated 24/7 driving range and 18-hole golf course simulator, has opened in Cannon Hill, offering a remarkable fusion of technology, entertainment, and community?

The new recreational site is more than just a golfing facility; it’s a visionary venture that seeks to elevate the essence of golf. Founded with a passion for the sport and a commitment to making golf accessible to all, The Sim Range is a haven for golfers of all levels, from novices to experts.

The Sim Range’s goal is to provide golf enthusiasts with top-notch simulator technology and exceptional customer service. The owners also want to create a vibrant community where golfers can connect, thrive, and forge lasting connections. With a blend of technology and warm hospitality, they aspire to inspire a lifelong love for the game of golf.

Immersive Experiences Await

Cutting-edge simulators provide guests a realistic golfing environment, offering precision and breathtaking realism with every swing. The commitment to excellence extends to the immersive visuals, accurate ball flight data, and a welcoming atmosphere that greets golfers.

The Sim Range allows golfers to tee off on world-renowned courses, experiencing the rush of competition or enjoying a leisurely round with friends. The stunning graphics and immersive soundscapes transport players to revered fairways around the globe. These simulators faithfully replicate the essence of golf, creating an unparalleled golfing experience that leaves players awe-struck.

Beyond technology, The Sim Range focuses on creating a sense of belonging and fostering a vibrant golfing community. Golf enthusiasts can connect with fellow players, participate in tournaments, attend clinics, and share the camaraderie that makes golf special. 

Golf for Everyone

The Sim Range welcomes seasoned pros, aspiring golfers, and those looking to try something new. It’s an invitation to embark on an unforgettable golfing journey, to elevate your game, ignite your passion, and discover the extraordinary world of simulator golf.

So, what exactly is simulator golf? It’s golf without the walking, in a quarter of the time, and without being at the mercy of the elements. Their high-definition projectors and sophisticated launch monitors recreate the look and feel of real golf, showcasing realistic ball physics. Players can hit balls on the range or play full rounds on a choice of famous courses from around the world.

To join The Sim Range as a member, individuals must be 18 years old or 16 with parental consent. However, social rounds are open to the whole family, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Follow them on Instagram for more details.

Published 1-Nov-2023

Cannon Hill’s Skyline Set for Transformation with Proposed Nine-Storey Office Tower

Did you know that a striking 10-level, CBD-grade office tower will be part of the ongoing redevelopment of the former CSIRO site in Cannon Hill? 

This development is a significant addition to the East Village mixed-use precinct, strategically located about 6.5 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD.

The proposal, submitted in September 2023 via DA A006361131, aims to reshape the Cannon Hill locality, offering high-quality office space, recreational facilities, and fostering urban regeneration.

The planned office tower, designed by Blight Rayner, is set to cover an expansive gross floor area of 10,264 square meters, including seven levels dedicated to office space, a welcoming ground-floor lobby, a vibrant plaza entrance, and a food and beverage tenancy. 

East Village Cannon Hill
Photo Credit: DA A006361131

Moreover, it aims to cater to the modern needs of the working population by providing 171 parking spaces across three basement levels and end-of-trip facilities with storage for 71 bicycles. 

The building, referred to as stage 1A, forms an integral part of the broader urban village development spanning a 5.5-hectare holding. East Village was initially touted as a $600-million endeavour when construction began onsite in 2012. Located strategically opposite the Cannon Hill Shopping Centre and in proximity to the Cannon Hill train station, this precinct is set to become a pivotal urban centre.

East Village Cannon Hill
Photo Credit: DA A006361131

“The development’s architectural design capitalizes on the visual prominence of the site along Wynnum Road, showcasing a range of high-quality design elements,” per the town planner’s report in the DA.

“The site is identified as a planned growth node within the strategic framework of the City Plan, and this development would appropriately respond to the prominent location of the site, supporting Brisbane’s suburban growth.”

“The high-quality design of the proposed development significantly contributes to the distinction of the Cannon Hill centre and will support the needs of the surrounding residential areas of Brisbane.”

The Anthony John Group is a Brisbane-based developer renowned for its commitment to urban renewal. Their portfolio includes several other urban precincts such as The Emporium at Fortitude Valley, Southpoint at South Brisbane, and Rosalie Village in the city’s inner-west. The company initially acquired the 5.5-hectare site in 2008 for $34 million, marking a significant transformation from its earlier use as the CSIRO’s meat research laboratory. 

While the proposal promises a remarkable addition to the Cannon Hill skyline, it must first navigate a significant planning hurdle. Zoning rules currently limit the site to seven storeys, and thus, the council will categorize the development application as “impact assessable,” allowing for public submissions.

If approved and constructed, the project promises to redefine Cannon Hill and significantly contribute to the area’s economic growth. 

Published 20-Sept-2023

Fitness Station at Bill Cash Memorial Park Offers Enhanced Workout Experience

Did you know that the new Bill Cash Memorial Park Fitness Station in Cannon Hill is now complete?

This newly established area, situated within the scenic Cannon Hill Recreation Reserve, promises a more comfortable and engaging workout experience for all visitors.

The station’s strategic design includes shaded areas to ensure a pleasant workout environment even during sunny days. 

Among the equipment available are roman rings, a sit-up bench, parallel bars, push-up and pull-up bars, catering to a variety of fitness preferences. Additionally, seating has been thoughtfully incorporated, allowing visitors to rest and recharge between exercises. A connecting concrete footpath has been laid to facilitate easy access to the station.

Each piece of exercise equipment is accompanied by clear “how to use” instructions, ensuring that individuals of all fitness levels can make the most of the equipment. 

A convenient QR code system has been implemented, providing users with access to additional exercise ideas and routines to diversify their workouts.

The local community played a pivotal role in shaping this upgrade, as residents and fitness enthusiasts alike contributed their ideas and suggestions to the project. With the Fitness Station now open, the community is encouraged to explore the new facilities and take advantage of the enhanced workout options available.

Bill Cash Memorial Park is home to community organizations and facilities such the Southside Eagles Football Club of Bulimba, the Cannon Hill Stars Netball Club, and the Cannon Hill District Netball Association.  

The park continues to evolve as a hub for sports and recreational activities, further enhancing the local community’s well-being.

Published 30-Aug-2023

Michael Hill International Undergoes a Resilient Transformation as a Premium Brand with a Heart

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Michael Hill International, a Cannon Hill-based jewellery brand, has emerged as a shining example of perseverance and growth. For over four decades, Michael Hill has played a crucial role in the lives of many Australians, providing high-quality jewellery to help people celebrate their milestones.

The company has undergone a makeover under the direction of CEO Daniel Bracken, rebranding itself as a luxury brand that emphasizes the emotional connection with its clients. Michael Hill is committed to making every moment that matters extraordinary for its clients by improving the customer experience.

In late 2022, the business relocated to a specially constructed global headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution centre in Cannon Hill, where its master jewellers developed new goods. Additionally, the company has stepped up its recruitment to acquire casual workers in Australia and New Zealand.

That same year, Michael Hill achieved a record year, with an increase in operating revenue and gross margin, driven by strategic initiatives across product, stores, digital, and loyalty.

The company’s digital sales have soared, comprising 7.1 per cent of its total revenues, highlighting its ability to adapt to changing consumer behaviour.

This success has been a testament to its commitment to providing handmade, natural products, with every piece created by its master jewellers. Their dedication to in-store training and development has resulted in a loyal customer base that values their expertise and personalized approach.

Founded by Sir Michael Hill, the company’s legacy continues under the leadership of Mr Bracken, who is passionate about the product and dedicated to taking the brand to new heights.

By remaining true to its values and dedicated to its customers and staff, Michael Hill is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

Published 10-May-2023

Indoor Sport and Recreation Site Planned for Cannon Hill Homes

Three residential properties on Cannon Hill will be demolished and then redeveloped into an indoor sports and recreation site if the proposal is approved.

Per Development Application A006183301, three lots on Wynnum Road and Ludwick Street will be converted into two storey commercial centre with gym on the ground floor and offices on the second floor. The property will also have two road frontages to ease access to the centre. 

Ethos Urban stated in the DA that the building’s design will be of high quality and will incorporate a visual design that enhances the appearance of the streetscape. 

“Visual interest is generated via building articulation, varying material types, elevational treatment, breaks in form, use of protrusions, a mix of “soft” and “hard” materials and large sections of glazing,” the planners stated.

Cannon Hill
Photo Credit: Google Maps
Cannon Hill
Photo Credit: DA A006183301

“This design is extended around the sides of the building to achieve a consistently appealing façade when viewed from all angles. The entrance to the proposal is located at the ground level along Wynnum Road. The facade has been designed to be visually appealing and focus of the external features to activate the frontage. The entrance is clearly delineated and accessible at-grade.”

Also included in the proposal is a space for 54 cars in the undercroft, as well as an open rear car parking space accessible via Ludwick Street. Pedestrian access will be established on Wynnum Road.

The DA requires no public notification but a couple of residents have opposed the proposal, citing issues with the traffic flow on Ludwick Street.

“Whilst I understand that this is a code assessable application, I wish to ensure that Brisbane City Council is on notice that this development, if it is to proceed with access by a driveway on Ludwick Street, will create unsafe conditions for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians due to the increased traffic flow. It will also significantly impact the efficiency of the street,” the resident said.

“Ludwick Street is regularly reduced to a single lane due to parked cars which results in queuing both at the intersection with Pickwick Street and on the blind corner in Ludwick Street. This is very unsafe and there are regularly near misses.” 

Council has yet to decide on the DA, which was filed in late January 2023. 

Published 4 March 2023

Don’t Miss Out! Stunning Hologram Zoo to Open in Cannon Hill

Did you know that the Hologram Zoo is now open, on a limited run until Christmas Eve? Featuring more than 50 laser-generated lifelike animals such as dinosaurs and whales, plus the latest in smell technology, this exhibit is a must-not-miss treat!

The Hologram Zoo will feature more than 50 laser-generated 3-D animals on display that visitors could view using special glasses instead of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. 

The zoo will also incorporate smell technology of rain, flowers, waterfalls, and the desert so that visitors will enjoy a full experience. Axiom Holographics has tapped Luxaroma, another Australian company, for the smell technology.

Hologram Zoo
Photo Credit: Hologram Zoo/Facebook

Axiom Holographics is launching the unique zoo for a limited run at the Cannon Hill Plaza on Wynnum Road. It will be trialled from the 10th until the 24th of December but could become a permanent destination for families.

Axiom Holographics founder Bruce Dell — who has done holograms for science organisations, the government and military — is thrilled to be launching his first Hologram Zoo after years of learning about the technology’s development. 

Holograms are notoriously expensive and operational expenses for a hologram zoo could easily run up to an exorbitant amount but Mr Dell has developed a cost-effective way to use the technology, earning himself a tech award in Silicon Valley, California in 2019.

After the trial run in Brisbane, Mr Dell might also take the Hologram Zoo on a roadshow to the U.S., Japan, and Europe. 

Tickets to the Cannon Hill run are now up for grabs and selling fast. Check the official site for more info. 

Now Complete! Cannon Hill Station Accessibility Upgrades to Deliver Safer and Faster Service

The multi-million accessibility upgrade at the Cannon Hill Station has been completed, delivering a safer and faster service for the eastern Brisbane community.

The improvements include better platforms accessible by paths, ramps and lifts, which will provide more convenience for train customers using mobility aids, seniors and customers with prams or luggage.

“The upgrade works have delivered a new pedestrian footbridge with lift access, as well as raised platform sections for improved access at the assisted boarding points, extended platform shelters, upgraded hearing augmentation loops and new tactile ground surface indicators to assist people with hearing and vision impairments,” Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said

“There’s also a new secure bicycle enclosure to support active transport, upgraded station entrances and ticket window modifications, as well as improved security cameras and lighting, new wayfinding and platform signage around the assisted boarding points.”

More than $500 million was set aside for the Station Accessibility Upgrade Program of the State Government, which also saw the opening of 250 jobs during the construction phase. 

Member for Bulimba Di Farmer said that the Morningside Station will soon get its upgrade as well. But Cannon Hill Station’s original timber station ticket office, which has been converted into a public toilet, will also be refurbished. Work on this project will start in late 2022.

“Accessibility for all is important, especially on our public transport network as we look towards the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Ms Farmer said. 

Kerbside Collection Coming to Morningside, Murrarrie & Cannon Hill

Heads up, Morningside, Murrarrie and Cannon Hill residents! Kerbside collection will be back on Monday, 14 Feb 2022. Make sure that you have your items sorted out and ready for collection before 6:00 a.m.

Council has resumed the kerbside collection service since mid-2021 and Morningside, Murrarrie and Cannon Hill will finally get their turn after more than a year of pause due to the pandemic.

As with the previous collections, Council has a list of acceptable and unacceptable items for kerbside collection. Residents are encouraged NOT to include the following on their pile:

  • bricks and concrete
  • commercial builders waste
  • car parts and tyres, including car batteries
  • dirt and stones
  • garden waste (e.g. trees, grass, potted plants)
  • gas bottles
  • general household waste (e.g. food scraps)
  • glass and mirrors
  • hazardous wastes (e.g. chemicals, oil, asbestos)
  • household waste that normally goes into your waste or recycling bin
  • liquids

Items that are deemed unacceptable will not be picked up by the collectors. Kerbside piles with sharp objects and dangerous items, or are too heavy to be lifted by two people might not be collected as well.

In preparing the items for collection, remember to keep the piles organised by the kerb, freeing the footpaths and roadways. Items should also be secured, especially if severe weather is expected. 

Photo Credit: BCC/Facebook

Doors from cabinets or refrigerators should be removed to ensure that no animals or curious small children will be trapped inside. There are serious threats of children suffocating in refrigerators that still have doors attached.

Illegal dumping fines may apply if unacceptable material is not removed within seven days of the notified collection period.  As of July 2021, a penalty unit is equal to $137.80.

For items that were not collected, residents have the option to bring these to resource recovery centres or donate to reuse and recycle facilities or organisations like GIVIT and Charitable Recycling Australia.