Morningside Mum Launches Children’s Book Donation Drive to Honour Memory of Her Baby

After Kate, a primary school teacher from Morningside, lost her newly born baby, she turned her grief into something positive and meaningful. Partnering with Riverbend Books, she launched a children’s book donation drive whereby people can donate picture books to the Mater Brisbane Hospital’s NICU.

When Kate learned she was pregnant with her first baby, she totally embraced the idea of her soon becoming a mum. And during her pregnancy, she saw to it that she and her baby would regularly have bonding moments which include reading books and playing music to her growing tummy.

Elsie was born in August 2022 – an extremely happy moment for the family and most especially for Kate. But her joy was short-lived as her baby suddenly fell ill whilst they were still in the hospital.

Elsie was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit whilst she was taken into the theatre to have her retained placenta removed. At the time, she couldn’t think of anything else but her precious baby girl who was in another room fighting for her life. 

And whilst she also suffered from postpartum haemorrhage and had to receive numerous blood transfusions, all that ordeal was nothing compared to the heartbreak she felt as she was wheeled to the NICU to see her daughter.

“Mummy is here,” she whispered as soon as she got near baby Elsie. And she recalls seeing her baby lift her tiny arm as if responding to her words, “I love you, darling girl.”  

Just seven days after she was born, Elsie passed away.

Amidst her grief over the loss of her precious baby, Kate decided to launch an initiative in honour of Elsie. She partnered with Riverbend Books for her project “Elsie’s Book Club” whereby people can donate picture books that families at the Mater Brisbane Hospital can use during their NICU stay or take home as a remembrance.

If you would like to donate a picture book to Mater NICU, check out the webpage here and browse through dozens of children’s books that you can order for the Elsie’s Book Club.

Published 4-February-2023