Women’s Fitness Adventures in Morningside Holds Mother-Daughter Camping Weekend

Leave your gadgets at home and spend a weekend with your daughter outdoors, while reconnecting with nature. The Women’s Fitness Adventure in Morningside invites everyone to join their Mother-Daughter Camping Weekend of adventure and bonding.


Event Details

Date Friday – Sunday, 13-15 October
Location Scenic Rim, Queensland
  • $395 – Member
  • $524 – Non-member
Fitness Level Beginner


Strengthen your bond with the most important female in your life with this mother-daughter Camping Weekend.

Here are five benefits of the mother-daughter camping.


1. Camping builds a mother-daughter connection.

Photo credit: www.womensfitnessadventures.com

Camping is about connection and communication. Spending the night in a tent, away from gadgets, encourages a good mother-daughter talk without distractions. Fun activities such as rock climbing and team challenges can build a stronger bridge of communication and camaraderie, plus make excellent memories to look back on.


2. Camping reconnects you to nature.

Photo credit: www.womensfitnessadventures.com

Camping also builds an intimate connection to nature. During the weekend camp, there will be nature walks alongside a creek, night adventure, and hiking the Yellow Pinch Lookout. There are enough outdoor activities to discover the real beauty of nature. Reconnect with nature and instantly reduce stress.


3. Camping has amazing health benefits.

Photo credit: www.womensfitnessadventures.com

Camping is a physical activity that invites everyone to move more. The weekend camping includes mountain climbing, nature walks, swimming, hiking, and more physical activities. Unlike gym workouts, outdoor activities involve challenging obstacles such as rocky terrains and strong wind, therefore, burn a lot of calories and boost energy. Moving more helps combat diseases, such as common heart ailments.

Aside from fresh air, camping increases one’s Vitamin D intake. Exposure to sunlight (with proper UV protection) helps the body to gain more Vitamin D that is efficient in bone health.

Camping also promotes a better sleeping pattern. Why? It is said that camping can reset our biological clocks, to a healthy “sleep at night and wake up in the morning” routine. Adequate sleep is crucial to one’s health and wellbeing.

4. Camping can help develop a child’s learning ability.

Photo credit: www.womensfitnessadventures.com

Exposure to the natural environment helps improve cognitive development, and helps in boosting creativity, imagination and fosters observational skills. These skills stimulate the child’s sense of wonder, an important motivator for lifelong learning.

Camping involves outdoor play, which means that it can improve a strong motor fitness. This includes coordination, balance, and agility. Strong motor fitness can also improve the body’s resistance against common illness.

5. Camping makes you happy.

Photo credit: www.womensfitnessadventures.com

Yes, camping will make you happy. Serotonin is a chemical produced by our nerve cells to regulate happiness and anxiety. Low serotonin can result to depression. So, how can camping help make us happy? More sunlight, more oxygen, and increased physical activity can help the nerve cells to create more serotonin, thus, making us feel more positive and happy.

Visit the event page for detailed information about the Mother-Daughter Camping Weekend.