Relive Childhood Memories With Australia’s Largest Freeplay Retro Gaming Video Arcade in Morningside

1UP Arcade is Australia’s largest freeplay retro gaming video arcade which allows adults to turn back time a bit with its collection of authentic 80’s and 90’s arcade games.

Credit: 1UP Arcade Facebook

Adults can once again experience what it feels to play the 16-bit and 8-bit gaming or bring their children and introduce them to what classic arcade gaming is really about. They will see the difference of enjoying games at the arcade setting, compared to the experience of playing the same games on their mobile phones nowadays.

The place opened last May, at the basement level of 230 Lytton Rd, Morningside, with its initial 60 freeplay titles. Over the past eight months, the arcade has had new machines arriving every week. 1UP Arcade has Golden Axe, Sega Rally, 4-Player TMNT and NBA Jam, Street Fighter games, Raiden, Metal Slug and The Simpsons, even the old time favourites Mortal Kombat and Final Fight are now in the arcade, just to name a few.

KOF Shockbox
Credit:1UP Arcade Facebook

“We pride ourselves on our collection of authentic hardware. Whenever possible, we’ve rescued, restored and refurbished 100% original arcade machine parts for our machines. This means we go the extra mile to source arcade-grade CRT screens to pair with our game boards and cartridges, so you get the real deal when playing your old favourites. Sometimes we have to make a compromise here and there with reproduced artwork and brand-new or converted cabinetry, but we keep the experience as close to original as we can”.

Pesky SNES and N64 consoles
Credit: 1UP Arcade Facebook

1UP Arcade offers a flat-rate of $15 per entry that can either be used to play unlimited pinball or to play on more than 90 arcade games with included access to 1UP Arcade’s Retro Console Lounge. Those who want to enjoy both packages can pay $25 upfront for all-day, all-games access. For the holidays, 1UP Arcade is selling gift vouchers available for a similar amount and the same level of access.