Hooded Thieves Target Cars in Morningside

A Morningside family was left shaken early this morning after five hooded thieves attempted to break into cars parked on their street.

Chilling security footage shows a car pulling up to Windermere Ave around 1 am on June 12. Four people wearing hoodies and carrying flashlights can be seen exiting the vehicle and splitting up, with two heading in one direction while the other two check door handles on parked cars.

Moments later, a home security alarm is triggered, startling the alleged thieves, who immediately flee back to their getaway vehicle and speed off.

Resident Jeff Wilson’s family was awoken by the commotion around 1:10 am. “My daughter was woken at about 1:10 am from our camera, which has a built-in alarm that sends out a message saying you’re in an area you shouldn’t be in, basically, and please leave,” Wilson told reporters.

He believes the group had tried breaking into homes on his street as well as across the road before being scared off by the noise from the security system. “None of these people seemed to like noise. Noise seems to be the distracting thing. You can have cameras, they don’t really care about the cameras. It’s the noise that upsets them, because it awakes everyone in the area.”

Wilson says this isn’t the first time his home has been targeted, recounting a similar incident a couple of months prior where his security cameras deterred would-be intruders. “It’s happened more than once, but it’s happened pretty much the same way, with the system we’ve got actually startling them, and they’re like cockroaches.”

Thankfully, no one was harmed, and no property was taken or damaged during the brazen early morning crime spree. However, the incident has left the Morningside community on edge. Police are investigating the matter and reviewing security footage from the area.  Residents are being warned to keep their homes and vehicles secure at all times.

Published 12-June-2024

Panthers vs Magpies: Morningside Dominates Reunion Round

The Morningside Panthers enjoyed a hugely successful day out against the Sherwood Magpies in the Downtown Toyota Premiership Reunion Round. In the marquee QAFL senior match, Morningside defeated Sherwood convincingly by 107 points. Panthers vs Magpies finished 24.12 (156) to 7.7 (49) at the Jack Esplen Oval.

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Across the other grades, Morningside won 4 out of the 5 matches against the Magpies. The only loss came in the QFAW Division 1 Seniors contest where Sherwood edged out Morningside.

Panthers vs Magpies in QAFL

In the QAFL Seniors competition, Cockatoo and Downie led the way with five goals each, with Dadds also contributing four. Other goal kickers for the Panthers included Egan (2), Waters (2), Castle, Hodge, Horne, Lloyd, Lohmann, and Pinchen.

For the Magpies, Austin, Fletcher, and Hude kicked two goals each with a single to Gillett.

The big win sees Morningside’s senior QAFL team maintain their undefeated record after 9 rounds. They sit atop their respective tables with an impressive percentage of 181.48%.

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Morningside fans will have to wait until July 13th for the club’s next home QAFL match. However, the QFAW Division 1 team will play at home against Coorparoo on June 15, Saturday.

Published 07-June-2024

WWII Echoes in Morningside: Uncovering Air Raid Shelters on Thynne and Wynnum Roads

Did you know that hidden beneath the suburban streets of Morningside, near the historic School of Arts, lie remnants of World War II? The unearthed air raid shelters on Thynne and Wynnum Roads reveal a glimpse into the community’s wartime resilience and the shared experiences of those who sought safety during air raids.

The unearthing of these shelters has sparked a wave of interest in Morningside’s wartime past. While the shelters themselves are not new to local knowledge, their existence serves as a tangible reminder of the challenges faced by residents during a tumultuous period in history.

A Community United in Defence

Morningside air raid shelter
Photo Credit: Ozatwar

During World War II, as the threat of air raids loomed over Brisbane, communities like Morningside took proactive measures to protect their residents. Air raid shelters, often constructed with reinforced concrete or brick, were built in strategic locations throughout the suburb. These shelters provided a vital haven for families and individuals seeking safety from the dangers of aerial attacks.

Preserving Morningside’s Wartime Heritage

Morningside air raid shelter
Photo Credit: Ozatwar

The rediscovery of these air raid shelters serves as a poignant reminder of the wartime resilience of Morningside and the shared experiences of those who sought refuge within their walls. While the passage of time may have obscured some details, the shelters remain a testament to the community’s determination to protect its own.

As local historians and residents delve deeper into the stories behind these shelters, efforts are underway to preserve them as historical landmarks. These structures not only provide insight into the wartime past of Morningside but also serve as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and community solidarity in times of crisis.

Published Date 15-May-2024

Tree-Lined Remembrance: The Avenue of Honour in Morningside

Did you know that there’s a monument called the Avenue of Honour in Morningside? It’s a striking avenue of weeping fig trees (Ficus benjamina) which stands as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during World War One. 

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Nestled within Balmoral Park along Jean Howie Drive, this living memorial invites locals and visitors alike to connect with history and pay their respects to the fallen heroes. This green corridor stretches across the park, serving as a living memorial, with each tree representing a fallen soldier from the local shire.

Photo credit: Brendan McBain/Google Maps

During World War I, a large number of people living in the Bulimba electoral district signed up to serve in the military. Records show that no less than 80 residents from the district lost their lives over the course of the conflict.

Originally planted in 1919, the Avenue of Honour was a joint effort between the Welcome Home Committee and the Balmoral Shire Council, a former local government in Queensland. A total of 70 trees were initially planted, each bearing a metal plaque with the name of a deceased soldier and the Australian Infantry Battalion crest, gifted by the council.

Photo credit: Brendan McBain/Google Maps

Over a century later, the Avenue remains a cherished landmark, with 16 of the original trees and 14 replanted specimens still standing tall as at 2015. 

More than just a commemorative site, the Avenue of Honour in Morningside is a testament to the resilience of nature and the enduring spirit of remembrance. Its presence serves as a gentle reminder to pause, reflect, and honour the memory of those who fought for our freedom.

Photo credit: Google Street View

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Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone seeking a moment of quiet contemplation, the Avenue of Honour in Morningside offers a unique opportunity to engage with the past and appreciate the sacrifices made for our present.

Published 28-April-2024

Embrace the Wonders of Birth at ‘Talk Birthy to Me’ by Midwives of Morningside

Midwives of Morningside is gearing up to host a teaching event via the antenatal classes, “Talk Birthy to Me: Morningside.”

The goal of the event is to promote an engaging and community-centered experience, uniting expecting parents, caregivers, and birth enthusiasts alike. 

What is “Talk Birthy to Me”?

Informative 5-week Antenatal Education: Led by Midwives of Morningside founder and midwife, Robyn Synclair, alongside Brittany Mcleod and Jayne Moritz, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in consecutive sessions covering a range of topics, such as hands-on labour support techniques, breathing exercises, common birthing processes, medications, and Caesarean births. 

The Midwives of Morningside brands ‘Talk Birthy to Me’ as the most detailed and practical antenatal education.

Interactive Demonstrations: At the sessions, mothers get hands-on with interactive demonstrations, including labour and birth exercises, breath works, and relaxation techniques.

Participants can also bring their husbands to sessions, to witness this on hand. These sessions provide a chance for attendees to explore and discover their preferences for childbirth, helping them feel more confident and prepared.

Meet other Mothers: Participants will engage with a diverse group, including experienced midwives and mothers, as they share their personal stories, experiences and insights on childbirth. These discussions aim to empower attendees with information about different birthing processes, encouraging informed decision-making.

Event details

For interested parents and participants who want to learn more about childbirth education and connection, “Talk Birthy to Me: Morningside” will be on 23 April, 30 April, 7 May, 14 May and 21 May 2024, from 6:30 to 8 pm, at Modern Mama’s.

Interested attendees may visit their official website to book their schedule and learn more. 

Published 16-April-2024

42-Berth Marina Planned for Commercial and Tourist Boats in Murarrie

A 42-berth marina will be built near the Gateway Bridge, on the Brisbane River, at Raptis Seafoods in Murarrie. This marina will support maritime tourism by offering overnight anchoring for business and tourist boats as part of the Growing Future Tourism strategy.

Once built, the marina will provide a much-needed docking option for Brisbane’s maritime tourism operators, especially after recent obstacles like the 2022 floods and waterfront developments. However, it is not meant to be a pick-up and drop-off location for tourists. 

With construction clearances pending, the marina is anticipated to open in April 2025.

Tourism Initiatives

According to projections, the marina will bring in $66.6 million in private investment from the $15 million the Queensland government has allocated to five tourism initiatives. This financing will maintain 669 ongoing operational functions and about 313 jobs during planning and construction. The combined effect of these developments is anticipated to bring in over 216,000 extra tourists per year, translating into an extra $63 million in spending. The projects are expected to be finished by June 2026.

This effort includes a 50-meter jetty at Lindeman Island Resort, eco-cabins at Australia Zoo’s Crocodile Hunter Lodge, and a marine tourist hub at Townsville’s Flinders Street Wharves.

Growing Future Tourism, QLD QLD Dept of Tourism & Sport
Photo Credit: QLD Dept of Tourism & Sport

Michael Healy, the Minister of Tourism, highlighted the marina’s role in giving river tourist companies a secure foundation and commended Raptis and the Queensland Government for their cooperation. He also emphasised the Growing Future Tourism program’s contribution to developing fresh travel alternatives in the area.

The CEO and spokesperson for Raptis Investments, Tim Beirne, highlighted the importance of the marina’s project in boosting local tourism and stated the company’s excitement about obtaining money for it. In line with the rising demand for coastal and aquatic experiences, he highlighted that repurposing Raptis Seafoods wharves would provide security for home porting, encourage investment, and generate new job possibilities in the tourism sector. 

About Raptis

In the 1930s, Arthur Raptis Sr., a migrant labourer, discovered his calling in fishing. In the 1950s, after relocating to Adelaide, his wife Anna started a fish and chip store. Their desire to succeed as entrepreneurs drove them to fillet their catch for nearby stores. Their daughter and four sons joined in, growing the company into retail and wholesale seafood.

A. Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd (Raptis) is one of the biggest privately held fishing firms in Australia today. Raptis is a local and international supplier of high-quality seafood products, emphasising responsible fishing practices. Australia’s fish populations will flourish for future generations thanks to their dedication to sustainable techniques. From the ocean to the plate, Raptis maintains premium seafood by utilising technology.

Published 18-March-2024

Junction Road Bike Lanes Upgrade Faces Opposition From Cycling Groups

Local officials are moving ahead with plans to upgrade the bike lanes along Junction Road, but the design changes are receiving disapproval from some cycling advocates.

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The upgrades between Baringa Street and Barwon St in Morningside will install dedicated, single direction bike lanes on both sides of the road with buffer zones between parked cars and the traffic lane. Brisbane City Council says the design balances safety and access for all road users whilst minimising parking loss and construction impacts.

However, cycling groups like East BUG Inc and Space4Cycling BNE argued the city should revert to earlier plans that placed the bike lanes next to the kerb with greater separation from traffic. 

Design 1 (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

The original design proposed protected bike lanes installed next to the kerb, with a buffer of on-street parking between cyclists and moving traffic. This aligns closely with what the local community advocated for – infrastructure that feels safe and comfortable enough for children to ride to school. 

Photo credit: BCC

Space4Cycling BNE believes separating bikes and e-scooters from both pedestrians and cars helps promote active transport whilst minimising conflict points. Residents would still enjoy easy, convenient parking without having to cross the bike lane. Even bin collection remains simple, with room along the kerb to place bins for pickup clear of parked vehicles.

Biking advocacy groups also noted that few residents were aware of the last-minute switch to the parking-adjacent layout.

The new design selected by Council, on the other hand, places parking spaces next to the kerb with the bike lane sandwiched between parked cars and moving traffic. 

New project plan (Photo credit: BCC)

According to advocacy groups, this makes parking more difficult, as drivers must cross over the bike lane to pull in and out of spaces. It also allegedly creates new hazards, with the risk of an open car door colliding with a passing cyclist and potentially causing serious injury or death. 

City Transport Chair Cr Ryan Murphy defends the current design, saying further risk assessment found alternatives less safe for cyclists, pedestrians, and others accessing the road. He notes the selected plan offers the best value whilst still improving bike infrastructure.

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Cycling groups argue for revisiting earlier designs they believe provide greater separation and safety for bike lanes, though officials say the current plan already balances accessibility and safety effectively. 

With construction underway, major design changes appear improbable despite some community members advocating for more public input on bike infrastructure plans. Local officials maintain the upgrades will increase sustainable transport options for Junction Rd users of all types.

Published 8-February-2024 

Safety Concern Grows at a Morningside Intersection

Morningside is cherished by its residents for its community spirit and idyllic charm but amidst this tranquillity are some perilous intersections that have long been a cause for concern. At the forefront of these worries stands the intersection of Barton and Hawthorne Roads, a crucial thoroughfare that witnesses a steady flow of motorists and pedestrians, especially during peak hours. 

Located in proximity to local corner stores, cafes, and schools, this intersection has become the centre of apprehension due to its alarming rate of incidents, injuries, and near-misses.

In response to these pressing safety concerns, Cr Lucy Collier, representing the Morningside Ward, has been a vocal advocate for urgent improvements. But the catalyst for change came from a local mother and resident, Ashleigh Gray. 

Recognising the gravity of the situation and motivated by a genuine desire to enhance the safety of her community, Ms Gray collaborated with Ms Collier to initiate a petition. This heartfelt effort garnered the support of over 200 concerned neighbours and community members, all rallying behind the common goal of making their streets safer.

As a resident and parent, Ms Gray has first-hand experience navigating the challenges posed by the Hawthorne and Barton Road intersections. She pointed out that whilst there may be other intersections in the community that require upgrades, this particular one is an integral part of her daily life. 

As the population of Morningside continues to grow, and housing becomes denser, she firmly believes that infrastructure must evolve to ensure the safety of all residents, especially children.

A pedestrian injury at the intersection served as a wake-up call for the mum. Determined not to let negligence be the reason for potential tragedies, she contacted Ms Collier. This marked the inception of their collaborative effort, leading to the creation of the petition that received more than 250 signatures.

Recently, Ms Gray had the opportunity to address a Brisbane City Council meeting as a public participant. She described the experience as an invaluable chance to voice her community’s concerns. 

In a heartening turn of events, Brisbane City Council has confirmed, in their final meeting of 2023, that they will review the safety of the Hawthorne and Barton Road intersection.

Published 29-Dec-2023

Morningside Business Faces Rising Insolvency Ahead of Christmas: A Challenging Economic Landscape

Businesses are facing a critical period as Christmas approaches, with insolvencies in Queensland rising by nearly 19 per cent in November. This increase signals a challenging economic environment, especially for sectors such as construction and food services.

Morningside’s Struggling Businesses

In Morningside, companies like 365 Construction Services recently announced their entry into voluntary liquidation. The company, part of the Morningside-based 365 Services Group and provided services like painting and landscaping, was forced into liquidation due to challenging economic conditions.

All employees, including the director, are owed entitlements, reflecting the depth of the crisis. The liquidator, Johnathan McLeod, noted that the director cited the economic downturn as the primary reason for the company’s failure.

The broader impact on the 365 Services Group, which includes cleaning, painting, landscaping, and property maintenance services, remains uncertain. The group’s website has been shut down.

Industry-Wide Observations and Predictions

Deloitte Australia’s lead partner of Queensland Restructuring Services, Richard Hughes, highlighted the increasing trend of insolvency numbers, which are now aligning with pre-Covid levels. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

The upcoming Christmas season is viewed as a pivotal time for businesses, with the outcome potentially shaping the economic landscape for the early months of 2024. Mr Hughes emphasised the impact of cost-of-living pressures and consumer confidence on businesses, particularly if the Christmas sales period falls short of expectations.

In November, Queensland saw 101 liquidation or administration appointments, a notable increase from the 85 recorded in October and the same number in November of the previous year. 

Andrew Weatherley from WCT Advisory Group observed that construction and food services are experiencing similar levels of insolvency. He noted an increase in food service businesses seeking help or opting for liquidation, a trend expected to persist. Mr Weatherley also pointed out the anticipated pressures on the food industry post-Christmas, with many cafe and bar owners planning to close or liquidate after the holiday season.

Government Actions and Business Responses

The situation is compounded by actions from the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which is issuing director penalty notices and statutory demands, adding to the challenges for businesses and insolvency professionals. 

Jarvis Archer, head of business restructuring at Revive Financial, noted that businesses are responding to these pressures by laying off staff and seeking small business restructuring engagements, hoping to survive by reducing debts to manageable levels.

Published 13-Dec-2023

Locals Look to Lift Up Asquith Street Shops in Morningside

The Asquith Street shops, located in a beloved pocket of Morningside, may have seen better days but thanks to a new community-backed petition, this row of storefronts could soon get a desperately needed makeover. 

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Supported by shops like The Blue Poppy cafe and The Pizza Garden, with Cr Lucy Collier, the e-petition calls on Brisbane City Council to fund a Village Precinct Project to revive the tired precinct. 

“This pocket of Morningside is beloved, and visited by many locals on a daily basis,” said Cr Collier. “However some residents and the local businesses have raised concerns that the streetscape is in need of improvements.”

Photo credit: Google Street View

If approved, the Asquith Street shops will see Council investment into structured improvements through a Village Precinct Project. Locals hope this will restore the charm and vibrancy that once drew regular visitors to support businesses like The Blue Poppy Cafe.

Photo credit: Cr Lucy Collier – Morningside/Facebook

A Village Precinct Project would use Council funding to deliver upgrades like street furniture, gardens, signage and artwork to boost the area’s appeal and commercial activity. Cr Collier stressed any changes would happen in consultation with affected residents and proprietors.

Depending on the scale of a project, Council will get community input on improvements through on-site kiosks and online surveys before finalising plans. Before construction, local officials will also inform locals of final plans and construction impacts using newsletters, websites, and targeted outreach.

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The petition closes on 31 March 2024. For long-time proprietors and newly arrived entrepreneurs alike, the precinct revitalisation offers fresh hope the shops can remain a treasured community hub in Morningside for years to come.

Published 10-December-2023