Murarrie-based Axiom Holographics Wins Gold at Prestigious Edison Awards

Axiom Holographics, the innovative company behind the world’s first hologram zoo, has been awarded a gold medal at the renowned Edison Awards in the United States.

Axiom Holographics
Photo Credit: Axiom Holographics

Bruce Dell, an inventor and businessman, founded the company, which won the Innovative Entertainment Design & Technologies Award at the event in Fort Myers, Florida.

Named after the legendary inventor Thomas Edison, the awards recognise excellence in new product and service development, marketing, and human-centred design. Past recipients include prominent figures like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. 

Edison Awards

Dell expressed surprise at the win, initially doubting the company’s chances against such distinguished competition. However, Axiom’s innovative and cost-effective approach to hologram creation, achieving a fraction of the usual cost with superior quality, impressed the judges.

Axiom’s first hologram zoo opened in Cannon Hill 18 months ago, and the company is headquartered in Murarrie, with a manufacturing facility in Yatala. 

The company is now expanding its hologram zoo technology globally, with installations in Melbourne, Darwin, Austin (Texas), Connecticut, and China. Due to interest from American investors, Dell anticipates further expansion.

Published Date 22-May-2024

A Look Back at the History of the Queensport Aquarium in Hemmant

Did you know that during its heyday in the late 19th century, the Queensport Aquarium in Hemmant was well known for having electric lighting, the finest collection of marine creatures, reptiles, birds and other animals, and a near-disastrous but ultimately successful hot-air balloon exhibition ride?

The Queensport Aquarium holds a significant place in Brisbane’s history. Dating back to the late 19th century, the first amusement park located in Hemmant was originally established to transport visitors to a world of maritime adventure and discovery. 

The park, which opened in August 1889, featured various attractions, including a seafront promenade, marine exhibits, and live performances, all of which brought the ambience of the Victorian era. The Queensport Aquarium, which closed in 1901, boasted the finest collection of marine creatures, reptiles, birds and other animals. 

Queensport Aquarium
Photo Credit: National Library of Australia

But the Queensland Aquarium offered more than just animal exhibits. The grand concert hall hosted shows during the weekends, featuring an organ that delighted guests. The Aquarium Band serenaded by the best singers in Brisbane, added to the entertainment. The park’s popularity led to the subdivision and sale of land nearby, known as “The Queensport Aquarium Estate.”

Queensport Aquarium Estate Hemmant
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

Visitors to the Aquarium arrived by steamer from the city centre, enjoying a package deal that included the return fare on ships like the Natone, the Woolwich, or the Alice. Moonlit excursions to dances in the concert hall became popular activities.

The Queensland Aquarium boasted modern conveniences, including electric light, which was connected in September 1889. During the day, the park offered various activities. Sports days celebrated the New Year, whilst picnics took place on Foundation Day, which was on January 26. 

In May 1891, an extraordinary sight delighted the crowd—a hot air balloon. Professor Fernandez, an experienced aeronaut, made his first balloon ascent in the colony. Though the balloon initially deflated and seemed in danger of sinking into the river, it rose again and landed safely, thrilling the onlookers.

Despite a significant flood in 1890 that affected the wharf in the city, the Queensport Aquarium remained relatively unaffected. However, a more devastating flood occurred on February 5 and 6, 1893, which caused severe damage. 

Queensport Aquarium Flood
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

The flood tore down fences, leading to the escape of many animals, and ruined the meticulously landscaped gardens. Following this incident, J.D. Campbell and the Aquarium Company advertised the sale of the steamers. Although the picnics and parties were still well-attended, the once vibrant theme park gradually faded from the tourism spotlight at the close of the century. 

Today, the land where the aquarium used to be now partly encompasses the Queensland Rocks Park in Murarrie, near the Gateway Bridge.

Published 23-May-2023

Join the BMX Skills Open Day at the Murarrie Skate Park

Bring the whole family to the fun and exciting BMX Skills Open Day at the Murarrie Skate Park to witness and interact with Australian Olympian Natalya Diehm and other BMX champions.

The BMX Skills Open Day will take place on Saturday, 17 December 2022, with slots for kids between six to 17 years old to learn and train from the best! 

If you have BMX enthusiasts at home, the open day is a chance for them to develop some new skills as Natalya and the BMX experts will be conducting workshops and demonstrations at different sessions throughout the day. The workshops will also include a “girls only” session, as well as free bike safety checks from Traction.

Eager participants to the workshops are asked to bring a safe and suitable BMX bike, helmet, closed-in footwear, water bottle and if possible knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. However, there will also be limited BMX bikes for loan, thanks to the Council’s Cycling Brisbane Program. 

Aside from the BMX workshops, attendees may also try out the ninja course or enjoy various foods whilst watching the activities. Someone may also get the chance to win a brand-new BMX bike during the raffle draw. 

Booking is essential or email RampFest at to learn more about this event. 

Murarrie is Getting an Olympic-Ready International Cycle Park

Plans have been set in motion to deliver a new $16.1-million international cycle park in Murarrie, ahead of the Olympics. 

The Murarrie Recreation Reserve International Cycle Park will comprise a world-class cycling track, a 500-metre speed skating track, and a multi-purpose clubhouse where locals may learn to ride a bike, improve on their BMX skills, enjoy picnics and barbecues, and play with their dogs at an off-leash dog park.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said that the budget for the new cycling facility has been secured for 2022-2023.

“In just over a decade’s time, Brisbane’s Olympic and Paralympic destiny will arrive with the Games to be held right here in our home city,” Lord Mayor said. “The investments we make today in sports infrastructure will pay dividends during the Games because local athletes will have world-class facilities, like this cycling track, to learn and train on at home.”

International Cycle Park
Photo Credit: BCC

In mid-2019, Council sought feedback for the development of the Murarrie Recreation Reserve, which was followed by technical investigations and key discussions with sporting groups. 

After these discussions, Council finalised the plan for the new facility that will include the following construction for Stage 1:  

  • Replace the local cycling track with criterium tracks designed to Union Cycliste Internationale standards, incorporating a new 500 metre rollerblading/speed skating track
  • Remediation works
  • New multi-purpose clubhouse catering for events
  • New safety fencing
  • car park upgrade
  • New walkways, ramps and tree planting

Future plans for the cycle park will include the following, subject to funding: 

  • Learn-to-ride facility
  • Pump/BMX track
  • Picnic shelters and barbecues
  • Track lighting
  • Intersection upgrade
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Beginner mountain bike skills course
International Cycle Park
Photo Credit: BCC

Council intends to establish Murrarie Recreation Reserve as a “metropolitan and international-level criterium track, wheeled sport and recreation park” with a range of opportunities for sports and recreation. It will be a safe, and well-designed green space that will be a destination for many locals and visitors. 

Construction work for Stage 1 is scheduled to start in late 2022. 

Experience Brisbane’s First Country Music Festival at Murarrie Muster

Get ready to feel the beat and groove to the rhythm as the Murarrie Muster, Brisbane’s first country music festival, fills the air with music until sundown. Enjoy the event at the Murarrie Recreation Reserve for FREE!

Happening on Saturday, 25 June 2022 from 12:00 pm till 5:00 pm, Murarrie Muster ia presented by Downtown Toyota. With support from Brisbane City Council, Cr Lisa Atwood, The Yard, and BrewDog, country groove will meet city beat as Brisbane producer and director Tom Oliver aims to deliver one boot scootin’ day!

“I was visiting country music festivals all over Australia and thought Brisbane needs this; Brisbane has so many country music artists. We’re going to showcase so much Queensland talent!” Tom said.

Photo Credit: Supplied

There will be a classic country semi-trailer stage at the event, which will feature talented musical acts like Kimberley Bowden, Melody Moko, Women in Docs, The Wet Whistles, Open Season Band, Jason McGregor & Rhinestone Cowgirl.

Photo Credit: Supplied

“It’s so long overdue. It’s exciting that we get to play our original music and celebrate country music in Brisbane,” Kimberley said. “It’s so wonderful that we have a dedicated country music festival right here. It’s just exciting all of us, local artists and country musicians, to come and perform for the locals.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

Apart from the music, the afternoon will also feature food trucks, craft beers, and ice cream for the children because good music muster goes well with delicious food!

Among the expected establishments include Jack’s Ice Creams, Bayside Beignets, Benz on Miller, Joseph’s Hungarian Langos, Samurai Kitchen, Kraut N’ About, London Spuds & OMG Decadent Donuts Australia.

Tap a friend, bring your own picnic blanket, and then boots to scoot to enjoy good old-fashioned community spirit! 

Meanwhile, if you’re still up for more songs and dances, before and after the festival, the Queensport Tavern down Lytton Rd for more live music. On the night of the country music festival, Doovalaki will perform party rock and pop tunes from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

$200-M Rivergate Superyacht Facility, Marina, And Shipyard Expansion In Murarrie Approved

Following a lengthy assessment, Rivergate has finally been granted an approval to go ahead with plans to expand its existing marina and shipyard in Murarrie.

Read: Rivergate Marina Proposes to Establish a Large Superyacht Refit Hub in Murarrie

Tom Hill, director at Rivergate, welcomed the approval, which he said recognised the project’s potential to support a range of industries within Queensland and bolster Australia’s sovereign capability amid increasing global security tensions.

“This approval means our expansion is now shovel ready and just waiting on government funding support to get under way,” he said in a media release.

Rivergate’s $200 million superyacht facility would be the largest superyacht hub in the Asia Pacific once complete.

rivergate brisbane
Photo credit: Rivergate

It will come with a new hub that would be capable of lifting vessels up to 3,000 tonne and the capacity for 8 to 12 vessels in refit sheds and on the hardstand. 

The project, which has been in the pipeline for four years, is expected to “dramatically increase superyacht visitation to Australia while also providing vital new capability to service Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force vessels.”

One of the highlights of the expansion is the new 5-storey purpose-built facility featuring training rooms, offices, café, world-class crew accommodation and crew recreation facilities.

Photo credit: Rivergate

At present, Rivergate is just waiting on government funding support to get under way.

“Brisbane is already an ideal location for servicing and repairing superyachts, several classes of Defence vessels and other commercial shipping,” Mr Hill said.

Mr Hill added that the expansion would provide owners and captains of large recreational vessels with the assurance that world-class facilities are available for both routine and unplanned maintenance works whilst they are cruising in the region.

The development is expected to generate up to $1 billion in revenue for the Queensland economy every year and roughly 2,000 jobs for marine and tourism sectors upon completion.

BrewDog Plans to Open New Murarrie Beer Hotel “The DogHouse”

Renowned global brewery BrewDog recently announced that plans are in the works to create a new beer-themed hotel dubbed “The DogHouse Brisbane” in Murarrie.

Scottish-founded brewing company BrewDog intends to launch a four-storey 730-sqm hotel dubbed “The DogHouse Brisbane” in an empty lot of land beside its brewing facilities and taproom in Murarrie, creating a beer campus of sorts.

The DogHouse Brisbane is a tourist destination based on The DogHouse Columbus, making the Brisbane branch BrewDog’s second beer hotel. 

Finances for the project are being obtained through a crowdfunding initiative titled Equity for Punks which gives Aussie beer enthusiasts a chance to own a part of their own brewery.

A room at the DogHouse Columbus in Ohio, USA.
Photo credit: BrewDog

The hotel will have a total of 30 rooms, each modeled in the likeness of a different BrewDog beer, and guests are free to drink in the shower as beer fridges are installed inside for people to enjoy a frothie whilst cleaning up. Even the DogHouse’s soap and body wash contains beer.

The minibars will be stocked with international craft and liquors. The hotel’s more luxurious suites, aptly named BrewMaster suites, will feature a draught beer tap inside the rooms for guests to enjoy.

Though the bulk of the project’s details are still currently kept under wraps, those interested are free to visit the BrewDog website. For the latest updates concerning the company, The DogHouse Brisbane and BrewDog products, follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. 

The BrewDog brewing facilities and the future site of The DogHouse Brisbane can be found at 77 Metroplex Ave, Murarrie. 

Rivergate is Proud to Have Australia’s First Female Marine Apprentice of the Year

Rivergate in Murarrie is globally known in the marine industry for its highly-skilled workforce. This has been proven yet again by Jasmine Willoughby, a Rivergate apprentice and Australia’s first female Marine Apprentice of the Year at the Australian Marine Industry Awards.

Jasmine is riding the waves of success in a work environment dominated by men as a second-year fabrication trade apprentice (boiler making/welding) at the Aus Ships Group within the Rivergate marine precinct. As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Jasmine is a shining inspiration for young women who are looking for options to work for the marine industry. 

Her thriving career growth comes as this Murarrie precinct will undergo a major expansion that will provide for 1,500 new marine industry jobs. 

“There will be more and more opportunities for women to learn a trade and have a career in the marine industry,” Jasmine said. “The expansion would be a huge boom for the companies at Rivergate but also Brisbane as a whole. We will see more superyachts coming to the dock which will require more hands on deck.”

Jasmine was a former pharmacy assistant before shifting to the marine industry. A graduate of East Coast Apprenticeships Launch, she aimed to land a job at the superyacht sector, where she stood out and was honored as the top apprentice. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“It is always daunting being the first person to go through something, but I’m happy to be a role model to young women to show them what is possible and that they can try a trade, enjoy it and excel at it.” 

The top apprentice of the year also said her male co-workers have been very supportive of her work. 

“Of all people, it was men who said they had a great experience working with women as they had excellent attention to detail.”

Judy Brinsmead, Rivergate Marina and Shipyard Director, said that their training and apprenticeship programs provide long-term sustainability for workers, including women who also want to grow in the industry, just like Jasmine.

“It’s not so much about finding women who want to be in this industry but giving them the opportunity that they may not have been aware they had,” Jasmine said.

Take Part in Gibson Island Business Clean-Up Day this February

Would you like to be a part of the plant life restoration at Gibson Island? The Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Group (B4C) is mounting a Business Clean-Up Day at the Paringa Road site on Tuesday, the 26th of February, at 9:00 a.m.

The date coincides with the annual Clean Up Australia Day, which enjoins people to take action in saving the environment.  

Participants to the said event on Gibson Island will be clearing out weeds and planting more trees in an effort to increase the vegetation to benefit species that live and thrive near the Brisbane River and Aquarium Passage in Murarrie.

Meanwhile, restoration efforts at Gibson Island will continue for the next 18 months as the initiative recently received $30,000 in sponsored funds.

The Pratt Foundation committed $20,000 to the project, whilst Queensland Bulk Handling (QBH) will shoulder $10,000 to rehabilitate the mangrove, the home to a colony of grey-headed flying foxes and other subpopulations of fish.

The grey-headed flying foxes are bats native to Australia. In 2008, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species identified these mammals as “vulnerable to extinction.”

Photo Credit: GregTheBusker/Wikimedia Commons

The B4C and the Department of Natural Resources spearheaded the cleanup and rehabilitation of Gibson Island in 2018 by clearing out the weeds and planting 3,000 trees. The vegetation should provide shade and protection around the waters of the Aquarium Passage. It will also serve as the breeding ground of small birds like the blue fairy wrens.  

Photo Credit: Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Group/Facebook

On the 25th of January, 56 people returned to this site in Murarrie to plant more trees, which now totals to 3,346. QBH also took this time to hand out the cheque to fund future rehabilitation efforts in the next 12 to 18 months.

Additionally, B4C will be replanting trees and rebuilding the soil around QBH’s 11-hectre land in the Port of Brisbane to also increase the vegetation in the area.

Scottish Beer Giant BrewDog to Open a $30-M Riverfront Brewery in Murarrie

Murarrie is set to have a $30 million riverfront brewery as BrewDog‘s development application gets the green light.

BrewDog will build its first Australian brewery at 77 Metroplex Ave, Murarrie. The development will include the construction of a 50-hectolitre, 3,000 square-metre brewing and canning facility capable of producing up to 10 million litres of beer a year over the first few years. It will also have a restaurant, taproom, and visitor centre.

Following the Council’s approval of the development, BrewDog Australia is now scheduled to start construction in July 2018.

Photo credit:

The site will have a 24/7 operation, however, as part of the Council’s conditions in approving the project, the food and drink shop should only be trading from 7:00 a.m. until midnight.

The development was tagged as code assessable and did not require a period of public consultation. However, one submission was lodged against the development saying that the application should be refused due to breaches in the City Plan.

The submission stated that the development should not be approved due to “three clear breaches of City Plan 2014 relating to proximity to existing retail outlets and shops, introduction of additional retail  traffic onto local roads with a size and scale which is not low key in nature and exceeds the maximum gross floor area limits within City Plan 2014 for shops within industrial areas.”

Photo credit:

With the approval of the multi-million brewery, it is expected that the new BrewDog headquarters will create 150 jobs in the Brisbane area over the next five years.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018 with the first Brisbane-brewed BrewDog beer set to be released in the first quarter of 2019. The brewery is planning to have a major launch party with the local community and fans across Australia.

Photo credit:

Can’t wait to taste BrewDog’s brews? BrewDog Australia has teamed up with Beer & BBQ Fest earlier this year to collaborate with five leading craft beer breweries in Australia.

Franz Horak, BrewDog’s longest standing brewer, travelled across the country to brew five inventive beers. He was able to collaborate with Mismatch Brewing Co in Adelaide, Green Beacon in Teneriffe, Batch Brewing Co in Sydney, Capital Brewing in Canberra, and Hop Nation in Melbourne.

The results of the collaboration will be released at festivals on 29 June to 1 July 2018 in Sydney, and 6- 8 July 2018 in Adelaide. Visit Beer & BBQ Fest’s website to learn more.