Vulcana Women’s Circus Announced as the Creative Sparks Grantee in Morningside

Vulcana Women's Circus

Vulcana Women’s Circus in Morningside has been chosen as one of the government grant recipients called the Creative Sparks program.

The Creative Sparks program aims to support artistic and cultural projects across Brisbane, aiming to create jobs, attract tourists, and strengthen social bonds. With this funding boost, Vulcana Women’s Circus, and other recipients from other suburbs of Brisbane will be able to continue their preferred project centered towards nurturing specific talents and celebrating diversity in the local arts scene. 

The grant, amounting to $9,900, is allocated specifically for Vulcana’s innovative “Agitate Incubator” project. The aim of this initiative is to foster creativity among women, trans, and non-binary artists by facilitating the development and presentation of new short works in various physical performance art forms such as circus, physical theatre, dance, and performance.

The grantees, Vulcana Women’s Circus, established in 1995, takes its name from Miriam Kate Williams popularly known as Vulcana, a pioneering British strongwoman and feminist advocate who challenged societal norms in the early 20th century. 

Photo Credit: Vulcana’s Women Circus/Facebook

Inspired by Vulcana’s spirit of defiance and empowerment, the circus was founded to address gender disparities within the circus arts, providing a welcoming platform for individuals of all genders, ages, and backgrounds to explore and excel in circus training, performance, and community engagement.

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The “Agitate Incubator” project, supported by the Creative Sparks grant, aims to empower up to 30 emerging and experienced artists by providing them with professional guidance and resources to create and showcase their artistic expressions. 

Photo Credit: Vulcana’s Women Circus/Facebook

Through a series of workshops, devising sessions, and performance opportunities, participants will have the opportunity to experiment, collaborate, and refine their artistic visions under the mentorship of skilled professionals from Vulcana Women’s Circus. The project has already started last April 24 and will be ongoing until the end of June. The Agitate Cabaret 1 will be shown on Friday, 29 June while the Agitate Cabaret 2 will be held on Saturday 6 July 2024. 

Under the guidance of Vulcana’s artistic directors, Celia White and Sammie Williamson, the “Agitate Incubator” will offer participants ongoing access to dedicated studio space and mentorship sessions, culminating in public presentations of their works at Agitate Cabaret events held at the Vulcana Arts Hub.

The Creative Sparks grant to Vulcana Women’s Circus is significant to the company’s initiatives like the “Agitate Incubator,” in supporting women, trans, and non-binary artists, giving them a stage to shine and share their creativity in the world of performing. 

The Creative Sparks Program is overseen by Brisbane City Council in partnership with the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.  

Published 26-April-2024