Balmoral State High’s Ecomarines Named Sustainability Award Finalists

Photo credit: Balmoral State High School/Facebook

Balmoral State High School’s Ecomarines have been named as one of the finalists for the 2023 WasteSMART People’s Choice Award.

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The prestigious award recognises individuals, community groups, and businesses that go above and beyond in their sustainability efforts to make Brisbane a clean, green and waste-smart city.

Balmoral State High School’s Ecomarines 

Photo credit: Balmoral State High School/Facebook

The EcoMarines serve as the biology and environmental society at Balmoral State High School. They maintain a sustainable garden on campus containing native seedlings, citrus trees, and vegetable beds utilising water wicking technology.

Photo credit: Balmoral State High School/Facebook

Last August, the EcoMarines celebrated National Tree Day by planting donated Emperor mandarin trees in their sustainability garden. They also participate in community events focused on sustainability and waste reduction, including the local government’s Eco-Forum held earlier this year.

EcoMarines ambassadors undergo training on topics like food waste, fast fashion, plastic pollution and wastewater management to learn sustainable best practices they can implement at the school.

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2023 WasteSMART Awards

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner encouraged Brisbane residents to vote online and help decide this year’s winner of the $350 prize.

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Cr Schrinner said the WasteSMART Awards were a fantastic way to encourage all residents to think about simple changes they could make to improve sustainability.

“Just like the 2023 finalists, we’re committed to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable, while keeping costs down for residents,” he said.

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“We’re carefully trialling food waste recycling in 6000 homes and more than 13,000 residents have taken advantage of our $70 compost and worm farm rebates.

“You can supersize your yellow top recycling bin for free, since we waived the establishment fee.

Since July 2023, Council has also made it easier and cheaper for residents to dispose of their green waste by halving the price of the green top bins to less than $1 a week.

“I encourage everyone to adopt waste smart strategies and cast your vote for the wonderful groups and individuals who are leading the charge on waste reduction and sustainability.”

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Public voting is open until Monday, October 16. To view the finalists, visit

Published 16-October-2023