7 Wonderful Street Art to Check Out in Brisbane’s Southeast

Photo Credit: Kyle Jenkins/Brisbane City Council

Sometimes, the most impressive artworks aren’t found in galleries. Did you know that Brisbane has over 500 kinds of public art displays?

There are numerous street art installations — or murals and graffiti fonts — splashed all over the city and seven are in the southeast. In Morningside, there are two masterpieces worth checking out.  

Over at the Jack Flynn Memorial Drive near Waminda St, you’ll notice the graffiti fonts created by Kyle Jenkins (main photo). “Take Me Away to Bring Me Home” is a reference to World War II soldier Jack Flynn’s resolve to return home while fighting the war but it may also apply to daily commuters literally taking this street to go home to their families after a busy working day.

A few meters off on Wynnum Road is an untitled masterpiece from Thirawut Bunyasakseri. It’s been there for three years and it remains vibrant and colourful. The artwork depicts the dancing mythological figure, Ramayana.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Here’s the rest of southeast Brisbane’s Street Art displays. It’s worth checking out for an Instagram photo or for simply admiring the creative effort poured into these pieces: 

Tower Ad
Kyle JenkinsJack Flynn Memorial Drive near Waminda Street, MorningsideTake Me Away to Bring Me Home
Thirawut BunyasakseriWynnum Road, MorningsideUntitled
Daniel BrookView Street, AnnerleyIce Cream Dreams
Kirsten BaadeCornwall Street, GreenslopesPods
Carley CornelissenGreendale Way, CarindaleBirdland
Vanghoua AnthonyMains Road, SunnybankBeyondanOasis 
Bronte NaylorMains Road, SunnybankThe Collection
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
Ice Cream Dreams by Daniel Brook
Daniel Brook has engaged colour and movement to create a pastel landscape of bubbles and candy. The light-hearted artwork communicates a universal view of nostalgia and positivity through child-like symbols.
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
Ice Cream Dreams by Daniel Brook
Pods is inspired by seedpods and the tessellating patterns found in nature. It embraces the ideas of hope, growth and renewal. Kirsten Baade has a love of all things bright and colourful. She has an intellectual and creative curiosity in subjects involving art, design and music.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
Birdland by Carley Cornelissen
Using a mixed media process, artist Carley Cornelissen is inspired by experimentation, colour and pattern. The artwork reflects the artist’s daydreams of an idyllic paradise where birds and animals live together with no fear of threat from humans. Their habitats are untouched, colourful and bright.
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
BeyondanOasis by Vanghoua Anthony
Once a premier tourist destination with the Oasis Tourist Gardens, Sunnybank is now a thriving multicultural ‘oasis’ for locals and visitors. This vibrant mural reflects Brisbane’s openness to intercultural engagement and exchange, which will continue to contribute to Brisbane’s vibrancy and dynamism.
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
The Collection by Bronte Naylor
This mural depicts the old Oasis Tourist Gardens, a much-loved place that exhibited a collection of local and exotic flora and natural artefacts. The design portrays these relics as a tribute to Sunnybank’s history with the colour palette inspired by the tones of the Oasis Tourist Gardens’ butterfly and shell collection.

These street art displays are part of the Brisbane Canvas initiative. If you would like to take part or know someone who’s creations should be for public display, sign up for the Creative Register.