Ice Cream Lovers: Lick! Ice Cream is Coming to Morningside

Brace yourselves, Lick! Ice Cream will open their second dessert bar in Morningside. The new shop is expected to open on Wynnum Road in early November.

“We’ve been at Graceville for two years and it [has] been an absolute dream run … It was pretty much a no-brainer to do a second store. We get a lot of visitors from all over Brisbane that come to Graceville. Because Graceville is in the west, we wanted to launch something in the east,” Lick! Ice Cream owner Grant Lew said.


Where It All Began

Photo credit: Lick! Ice Cream/Facebook

For the past 13 years, Grant Lew and his sister, Carina, had been supplying their custom-made ice creams to some of Brisbane’s iconic restaurants, such as Cha Cha Char and Jellyfish. They are also the team behind the iconic strawberry sundaes that are a surefire hit every year at Ekka. Their successful wholesaling and the overwhelmingly positive response to their product led them to open their own ice creamery in Graceville in 2015. After two successful years, they’re now ready to bring their delicious flavours to Morningside.

Mr. Lew said that the soon-to-open ice cream destination in Morningside will offer the same features that Graceville’s Lick! Ice Cream is offering.


The menu will be as “yum” as Graceville’s menu!

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Morningside peeps can expect the same flavours that have made Lick! Ice Cream such a well-loved brand. Salted nut, popcorn honey, and Redskin will soon be offered in the Morningside store. Yes, the iconic “Doffle” will be on the menu! Doffle is a doughnut and waffle hybrid, served with your favourite Lick! Ice Cream flavour, and warm salted butterscotch sauce.


Photo credit: Lick! Ice Cream/Facebook

Other than the classic ice creams and doffles, Morningside dessert lovers can also enjoy unique twists on their avourite desserts. “Lickamisu” will soon be touching base in Morningside. It’s a Tiramisu ice cream sundae with twists of Savoiardi biscuit, mascaporne cream, coffee, and hazelnut ice cream. They will also be serving ice cream sandwich, banana split, shake, and iced coffee.

Vegan? No worries. They also serve ice creams that are gluten-free!

Lick! Ice Cream is not always “cold”, they’re “hot”, too. They also serve hot chocolate, chai latte, espresso, piccolo, and a range of tea.


Same iconic ice cream, same iconic ambiance

Super excited to announce we are spreading our Lick! Ice Cream wings! With a brand new Lick! icecreamery dessert bar in Morningside 💜💛💚✌🍦Since starting our flagship store, it has been an absolute dream, serving our beautiful customers and working with the local community. Morningside will be no different 😀Currently in fit out stage we will keep you updated as we get closer to launch!#eastside #morningside #icecreamlikenoother #thepeoplesicecream #openingsoon #lickicecreamau #localproducer #graceville #cantwait #thankyouforallthesupport #happy

Posted by Lick! Ice Cream on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mr. Lew hired the same contractors that built the Graceville’s store to make sure that the aura of the first shop will be felt in Morningside. The plan is to replicate the same feel and the same concept of the west side shop. The Morningside shop will also feature an outdoor deck, perfect for customers-on-the-go or customers who just want to bask in the outdoor view.


Same opening hours too!

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Enjoy your ice cream until late at night! The soon-to-open Morningside store promises to have the same opening hours as the Graceville shop, so customers can satisfy their sweet cravings with a late evening run to the store. The store will be open until 9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and until 11:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.


Fingers crossed on home delivery!

Photo credit: Lick! Ice Cream/Facebook

Mr. Lew also mentioned that home delivery “may” also be a feature. Localised delivery is the talk of the town. If home delivery becomes part of the Morningside store’s services, it will surely be a big hit for the upcoming Brisbane summer.


Can’t wait for Lick! Morningside to open and don’t want to go all the way to Graceville? You can visit Feast on Fruit, a fresh food hub, at Morningside Central. Feast on Fruit is an official stockist of Lick! Ice Cream. Enjoy Lick! amidst the comforts of your home.

Don’t forget to visit Lick! Ice Cream’s website and follow their Facebook page for important updates.