Morningside Athlete Chosen for Europe’s 11th International Youth Forum in August

Star basketball athlete and Morningside resident, Miela Goodchild, 17-years-old, has been chosen to represent Australia in the 11th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum. The event will be held in Ülenurme, Estonia on 19th to 26th August this year. She will be attending the event along with other exceptional young athletes from around the world.

This will be another credit to add in Ms Goodchild’s already impressive resume as a young athlete. In the recent Queensland Basketball League (QBL) 2017 season, the Moreton Bay College student earned the Basketball Queensland Female Player of the Year title. It’s her second time to earn it, having won it first in May 2016.

Ms Goodchild expressed how honoured and privileged she felt to be selected for the upcoming forum in Europe. She thanked her school as well as the Australian Olympic Committee in Queensland. She said that “many other great athletes would have applied” but that she was the one given the great honour. Ms Goodchild is now looking forward to join the young future sports leaders in the forum. She commits to sharing back any knowledge she gains to the community, especially to her school.

“I really think this experience of going to worlds and playing against other countries is going to make me a better player as well,” she said once before in an interview with other members of the media. Indeed, things are looking brighter ahead in the future for this young female athlete.

From Thunder to Fire

Miela Goodchild
Photo Credit: AUS BBALL Prospects/Facebook and JCU Townsville Fire/Facebook

Meanwhile, with her impressive record as a youth athlete, Miela Goodchild signed her first professional contract with Townsville Fire, a franchise of the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL). Yet another avenue for the young female sports superstar to further develop her skills.

Ms Goodchild, who usually plays with the Logan Thunder basketball club, has showcased enough of her impressive skills during this season’s QBL. According to Luke Cann, Thunder basketball operations manager, moving to WNBL will benefit her most. Mr Cann explained how the young athlete has all the skills. WNBL will thus “show her the system.”