$200-M Rivergate Superyacht Facility, Marina, And Shipyard Expansion In Murarrie Approved

Following a lengthy assessment, Rivergate has finally been granted an approval to go ahead with plans to expand its existing marina and shipyard in Murarrie.

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Tom Hill, director at Rivergate, welcomed the approval, which he said recognised the project’s potential to support a range of industries within Queensland and bolster Australia’s sovereign capability amid increasing global security tensions.

“This approval means our expansion is now shovel ready and just waiting on government funding support to get under way,” he said in a media release.

Rivergate’s $200 million superyacht facility would be the largest superyacht hub in the Asia Pacific once complete.

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Photo credit: Rivergate

It will come with a new hub that would be capable of lifting vessels up to 3,000 tonne and the capacity for 8 to 12 vessels in refit sheds and on the hardstand. 

The project, which has been in the pipeline for four years, is expected to “dramatically increase superyacht visitation to Australia while also providing vital new capability to service Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force vessels.”

One of the highlights of the expansion is the new 5-storey purpose-built facility featuring training rooms, offices, café, world-class crew accommodation and crew recreation facilities.

Photo credit: Rivergate

At present, Rivergate is just waiting on government funding support to get under way.

“Brisbane is already an ideal location for servicing and repairing superyachts, several classes of Defence vessels and other commercial shipping,” Mr Hill said.

Mr Hill added that the expansion would provide owners and captains of large recreational vessels with the assurance that world-class facilities are available for both routine and unplanned maintenance works whilst they are cruising in the region.

The development is expected to generate up to $1 billion in revenue for the Queensland economy every year and roughly 2,000 jobs for marine and tourism sectors upon completion.

Rivergate is Proud to Have Australia’s First Female Marine Apprentice of the Year

Rivergate in Murarrie is globally known in the marine industry for its highly-skilled workforce. This has been proven yet again by Jasmine Willoughby, a Rivergate apprentice and Australia’s first female Marine Apprentice of the Year at the Australian Marine Industry Awards.

Jasmine is riding the waves of success in a work environment dominated by men as a second-year fabrication trade apprentice (boiler making/welding) at the Aus Ships Group within the Rivergate marine precinct. As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Jasmine is a shining inspiration for young women who are looking for options to work for the marine industry. 

Her thriving career growth comes as this Murarrie precinct will undergo a major expansion that will provide for 1,500 new marine industry jobs. 

“There will be more and more opportunities for women to learn a trade and have a career in the marine industry,” Jasmine said. “The expansion would be a huge boom for the companies at Rivergate but also Brisbane as a whole. We will see more superyachts coming to the dock which will require more hands on deck.”

Jasmine was a former pharmacy assistant before shifting to the marine industry. A graduate of East Coast Apprenticeships Launch, she aimed to land a job at the superyacht sector, where she stood out and was honored as the top apprentice. 

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“It is always daunting being the first person to go through something, but I’m happy to be a role model to young women to show them what is possible and that they can try a trade, enjoy it and excel at it.” 

The top apprentice of the year also said her male co-workers have been very supportive of her work. 

“Of all people, it was men who said they had a great experience working with women as they had excellent attention to detail.”

Judy Brinsmead, Rivergate Marina and Shipyard Director, said that their training and apprenticeship programs provide long-term sustainability for workers, including women who also want to grow in the industry, just like Jasmine.

“It’s not so much about finding women who want to be in this industry but giving them the opportunity that they may not have been aware they had,” Jasmine said.