This Morningside Eatery Has the Best and Hottest Curry

Photo Credit: Curryville/Facebook

Are you crazy enough to try Australia’s hottest curry dish? Then ring up Curryville in Morningside, order a serving of their Chicken Hai Hai — described as a dish with “live grenades” — and then say your prayers before eating.

That’s what Curryville actually advises its diners if they choose this particular dish from their take away menu. Incidentally, Curryville has been around for 15 years, which only means that the chef knows how to whip authentic Indian dishes that truly satisfy your spicy cravings and need for some chilli heat! 

Many locals say that Curryville has the best curries in town and they do have quite a selection — from red meats (lambs and beef), chicken, seafood and vegetables. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Visitors to Morningside also frequent this Indian restaurant to satiate their hankering for classics like tikka masala, samosas, and panir with naan.

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This diner also offers vegan options and a few items made especially for children who are still developing their taste for rich and flavourful curry dishes. 

You’ll likely get a kick out of picking food from their dine-in menu, as each food description has a dash of humour to it.  

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“We make a lot of our stuff fresh. Yes, we know you’ve heard this mantra before, but it’s the truth. Nothing beats freshness,” the owners Pervez & Ambreen Burney claim. “Next up is our blend of spices and sauces. Our curries contain an average of 18 – 27 spices.”

“We tend to focus more on lighter spices and use a very light hand in the heavier, stronger spices. This is where the magic comes in…knowing how much to use and when is key – a bit complicated and a huge headache. 

“THIS is THE difference. Finally, the ‘ balance.’ That’s the magic.” 

Curryville is open for dinner time daily. To check their store hours, visit their Facebook Page

“After many visits we decided to try the vegan options. Similar offering to the Tiffin, trio of curries with rice. The food was stunning, great flavours, we practically licked the plates clean. An added bonus, the food was lite on our stomachs. Even as a meat eater I think you would be pleasantly surprised.” 

Mark Randall Jones, Facebook 

“Possibly the best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to. Amazing and delicious food. Would recommend trying everything. Fantastic and highly recommend for a truly authentic Indian dinner experience.”

Michael Monaco, Google Reviews

“This curry shop has been our must visit restaurant everytime we come to Brisbane for the past 5 years & it will continue to be. The flavours are so good. We are regular curry eaters & this has been our favorite. We had lamb korma & beef madras, yummo.The waiter who I think was newish was very good & friendly. The only fault I had this visit was the plates & cups they were metal & I kind of felt like I was camping not eating at a restaurant but apart from that it was absolutely great!”

UdontnomeBBB, Trip Advisor