Locals Oppose Development Lodged for Beelarong Street in Morningside

Residents are against the proposed residential lots, new roads and drainage reserve plans for 54 and 133 Beelarong Street in Morningside.

An online petition led by a concerned Morningside resident has requested the Council to acquire the rural zoned land to protect it from residential development.

Locals who signed the petition agree that a residential development will never be appropriate on a land that comes under many City Plan 2014 overlays, which includes a wetland, an erosion-prone area, and a citywide waterway corridor.

Following concerns from the locals, the Brisbane City Council has already expressed their opinion regarding the matter. It now appears that even the Council does not support the proposal.

According to City Planning Chairman Matthew Bourke, Council has already raised several concerns with the applicant during pre-lodgement meetings and continued to raise concerns about flood-free access and environmental impacts during the ongoing assessment process.

BCC will not finalise the assessment of the proposed residential development unless it gets a response from the State Government to do so.

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Cr Bourke said the State Government is required to review the development application as the proposal could potentially impact marine plants in the area.

The development application will require truck loads of fill to raise the land above most floods. This will likely result in an increased flood risk to all other properties within the Perrin Creek catchment.

It will also lead to loss of green space and destruction of protected vegetation and wildlife corridors, not to mention that it can cause unacceptable risk to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on Beelarong Street.

Proposed Development

Based on the development application lodged in August 2018, the applicant is planning to build 23 house blocks and a new road in Beelarong Street in two stages.

The first stage will be for building nine lots, one balance lot and a new road. The final stage will be dedicated for constructing the 14 lots, a drainage reserve and another road.

Developers are seeking to link the subdivision to Beelarong Street through a local road network.

Cardno, the designer of the proposed subdivision believes the size and dimensions of the created lots are in keeping with the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

The designers are also convinced that the size and dimensions are appropriate for the siting and construction of dwelling houses on the lots in a manner that maximises private space, privacy, amenity and the economic use of land in a well-serviced locality.

The developer is convinced all rain events would not be worsened and assured that they are going to upgrade Beelarong St to ensure flood free access.

For further information about the proposed house blocks at Beelarong Street, see the Full DA – A005003693.