Embrace the Wonders of Birth at ‘Talk Birthy to Me’ by Midwives of Morningside

Midwives of Morningside Sessions

Midwives of Morningside is gearing up to host a teaching event via the antenatal classes, “Talk Birthy to Me: Morningside.”

The goal of the event is to promote an engaging and community-centered experience, uniting expecting parents, caregivers, and birth enthusiasts alike. 

What is “Talk Birthy to Me”?

Informative 5-week Antenatal Education: Led by Midwives of Morningside founder and midwife, Robyn Synclair, alongside Brittany Mcleod and Jayne Moritz, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in consecutive sessions covering a range of topics, such as hands-on labour support techniques, breathing exercises, common birthing processes, medications, and Caesarean births. 

The Midwives of Morningside brands ‘Talk Birthy to Me’ as the most detailed and practical antenatal education.

Interactive Demonstrations: At the sessions, mothers get hands-on with interactive demonstrations, including labour and birth exercises, breath works, and relaxation techniques.

Participants can also bring their husbands to sessions, to witness this on hand. These sessions provide a chance for attendees to explore and discover their preferences for childbirth, helping them feel more confident and prepared.

Meet other Mothers: Participants will engage with a diverse group, including experienced midwives and mothers, as they share their personal stories, experiences and insights on childbirth. These discussions aim to empower attendees with information about different birthing processes, encouraging informed decision-making.

Event details

For interested parents and participants who want to learn more about childbirth education and connection, “Talk Birthy to Me: Morningside” will be on 23 April, 30 April, 7 May, 14 May and 21 May 2024, from 6:30 to 8 pm, at Modern Mama’s.

Interested attendees may visit their official website to book their schedule and learn more. 

Published 16-April-2024