New $1-M QFES Appliance in Cannon Hill Improves Fire and Chemical Emergency Response Across the State

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Brisbane’s Queensland Fire and Rescue Special Operations Centre in Cannon Hill received a new $1-million QFES appliance. The new vehicle is part of the $702 million QFES budget for this financial year.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford said the million-dollar Scientific Two appliance can respond to fires and chemical emergencies around the state more efficiently.

“Boasting flexible storage and specialist equipment, the new appliance features detectors that can find and identify liquids, solids and gases; as well as specialist mitigation equipment,” Mr Crawford said.

“It is one of 61 Fire and Rescue appliances to be delivered this financial year under our record $702 million QFES Budget, which will also supply 119 appliances to the Rural Fire Service,” he added.

Moreover, the government targets to deliver 180 new urban and rural fire appliances in 2018-2019. The new vehicles will further help boost firefighting efforts across Queensland.

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QFES Research and Scientific Branch

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The Fire and Rescue Special Operations Centre Research and Scientific Branch in Cannon Hill has already provided guidance and expertise at more than 200 incidents across Queensland and New Zealand in the past six months.

QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the RSB had seven permanent scientifically qualified staff. They have supported 53 volunteers across Queensland.

“The staff and volunteers have technical experience and operational expertise to provide support and advice to emergency responders for the effective management of unidentified hazardous materials, contamination incidents, fires and toxic emissions,” Ms Carroll said.

“Making sure QFES personnel have the best equipment for the job will help them respond to hazmat emergencies more efficiently.”

Although the QFES is now using a cutting-edge equipment, prevention will always be more effective in firefighting.