Morningside Will Soon Have ‘Separated Bike Lanes’

Plans to trial a groundbreaking approach to designing and constructing separated bike lanes in Brisbane will soon commence in Morningside.

The pioneering project is set to transform Junction Road in the Morningside neighbourhood into a cyclist’s haven.

The allocated budget of $587,000 will be utilised to construct separated bike lanes with physical barriers, marking a bold departure from conventional road design. 

Morningside Bike Lane
Photo Credit: CrRyanMurphy/Facebook

This initiative, spearheaded by Council’s Chair of Transport Cr Ryan Murphy, is part of a broader effort to expand the city’s active transport network and encourage more residents to adopt cycling as a viable means of commuting.

Junction Road, a pivotal route connecting Morningside and Cannon Hill, will undergo road resurfacing works to accommodate the new infrastructure. However, Mr Murphy has not yet announced a specific date for the start of construction.

“Junction Road in Morningside will be the first in Brisbane, with $587,000 allocated for construction pending road resurfacing works. It’s all part of Team Schrinner’s record investment in public and active transport,” Mr Murphy said

The move has been warmly welcomed by local cycling advocacy groups, like Space4cyclingbne and East BUG Inc., which have long championed the idea of protected bike lanes for the area. Junction Road, while not considered as critical as some other routes, presented an opportunity for transformation due to its width, allowing the integration of protected cycling lanes alongside on-street parking.

“When East BUG Inc. noticed Junction Road was on the list for re-surfacing in 2020, we petitioned Council to include protected bike lanes rather than just re-painting the current configuration,” Space4cyclingbne shared.  

“We pointed out that the width of Junction Road allows the possibility of bike lanes which are protected from heavy traffic while still leaving room for ample on-street parking. 

“We highlighted that protect bike lanes here will give people options to ride a bike or scooter to the major shopping centres at Morningside Junction, and the growing commercial, recreational and sporting precincts at Colmslie. 

“It will enable and hopefully inspire more families at Cannon Hill Anglican College (CHAC) to avoid adding to local congestion by riding to school instead.”

Published 11-September-2023