Queensland Rail Shows Footage Of Near Misses In New Safety Campaign

The viral video of a young woman walking across the path of a train in Murarrie Station back in May 2022 was among the footage shown by Queensland Rail as part of its new safety campaign.

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The young woman almost faced death as she walked across the path to hand something to a man who was on the other side of a platform. This incident, captured by CCTV, contributes to the rising cases of railway trespassing incidents in the State, which led Queensland Rail to release the footage.

The new safety campaign called A Hole Lot Of Regret, targets all trespassers, but particularly teenagers.

Video screenshot of railway trespassing incident in Murarrie Station (Photo credit: Queensland Rail/Vimeo)

Queensland Rail Senior Manager Security and Emergency Preparedness Drew Brock revealed that the common motives for trespassing include taking short-cuts across railway tracks and between station platforms as well anti-social behaviour such as vandalism.

Mr Brock said there were nearly three thousand trespassing incidents (2913) on the Queensland Rail network in the last financial year (2021/2022).

Photo credit: Queensland Rail/Vimeo

“Our message is clear: Stay off the tracks! Trespassing is not worth risking your life,” Mr Brock said in a media statement

“The number of people who trespass on the network is extremely concerning and has increased from last year, which is why Queensland Rail is urging customers to keep safety at the forefront of their minds.”

Mr Brock revealed that in the last financial year, trespassing incidents resulted in 3,006 delays to their train services in South East Queensland.

Captured in Altandi station (Photo credit: Queensland Rail/Vimeo)

Trains on the network can travel at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour, can take up to two kilometres to stop, and can’t swerve to avoid cars or people.

“Please think not only about yourself but about the impact your behaviour is having on others who need to get to work, school and appointments on time,” he said.

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Queensland Rail hoped the campaign would serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of the unsafe behaviour, which not only puts lives at risk but causes thousands of delays to train passengers each year.

Morningside Train Station Final Design Out Soon

After giving the public a first look at the proposed upgrades to the Morningside train station, Queensland Rail is getting ready to release the final design of the project in mid-2022.     

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Delivered as part of the Station Accessibility Upgrade Program, the project focuses on upgrading station infrastructure to provide easier access to the public transport system.

Station accessibility upgrades include accessible station entrances and pathways to the assisted boarding points, platform raising works, upgraded accessible parking and essential station and customer facilities such as accessible toilets.

morningside train
Station view from platform 1 (Photo credit: Queensland Rail)

These upgrades will significantly improve access for all customers, particularly people with disabilities, older people, people travelling with prams or luggage, and people recovering from injury.

Accessibility upgrades typically feature a range of improvements, including: 

  • a new pedestrian footbridge with lift access
  • full-length raised platforms and extended platform shelters
  • upgraded hearing loops and tactile platform surfaces
  • upgraded security cameras and lighting throughout the station
  • new wayfinding and platform signage.
morningside station
View from Waminda Street (Photo credit: Queensland Rail)

For the Station Accessibility Upgrade Program, The Queensland Government is investing more than $500 million to upgrade stations across the South East Queensland network.

Upgrades for the Morningside train station are expected to be completed by 2024. 

About the Morningside Train Station

The Morningside station is part of the Cleveland line. It is located between Waminda Street on the eastern side, Jack Flynn Drive on the south-western side and Wynnum Road on the north-western side of the station. 

The station has two platforms which are connected by a bridge access via stairs and a series of steep ramps. There is a commuter car park off Waminda Street with accessible parking and bike storage available. There are bus stops slightly north of the station entrance on Wynnum Road.

Expanded Murarrie Station Park ‘n’ Ride Now Open

The State Government has announced the completion of the $5.8-million Murarrie Station Park ‘n’ Ride expansion, providing an additional 132 car parking spaces.

“Our numbers show more people are using Murarrie Station, so this upgrade will be welcomed by our community and the commuters who travel here to catch the train,” Member for Bulimba Di Farmer said.

Between July 2018 and April 2019, the number of passengers at Murarrie Station reached almost 143,000 which is an increase of about five percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

“Now with an additional 132 parking bays, commuters have access to more parking, as well as benefitting from improved lighting and more security cameras to improve customer safety,” Ms Farmer said.

“About 18 jobs were supported by this project and I thank the community for their patience while we got the job done.” she said.

The project was completed in two stages. Stage 1 involved the southern side of the car park which was completed in February 2018 whilst Stage 2 involved the northern side of the car park and was completed in June 2019.

The Murarrie Station Park ‘n’ Ride upgrade was in addition to the State Government’s $114-million commitment to expand capacity at nine other park n’ rides across SEQ which equates to an additional 2,300 parking spaces over the next five years.

One of the next train southside stations in line for an upgrade is Cannon Hill Station, Ms Farmer announced, which will involve upgrades to the overpass and security improvements apart from expanding the current 168 capacity.

“That upgrade will focus on improving accessibility station, including lift access, raised platforms, hearing loops and other features for people with a disability.

“Tenders for construction have been called to build 80 more spaces at the park n ride there and we’re on track to award the contract for those works next month,” Ms Farmer said.