World’s Biggest Garage Sale in Morningside Wants You to Repurpose With a Purpose

Photo Credit: World's Biggest Garage Sale

With Brisbane’s kerbside collection back on track, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale in Morningside is encouraging locals to “repurpose with a purpose” in order to maximise the country’s circular economy.

With a mission “to activate dormant goods for good as a way to make a purposeful profit that creates a positive impact on people and the planet,” the local community garage sale site hopes that the public will carefully consider donating some of their “junk” to the World’s Biggest Garage Sale instead of throwing everything on the kerb.

World's Biggest Garage Sale
Photo Credit: World’s Biggest Garage Sale/Facebook

CEO and founder Yas Grigaliunas said that people might be surprised to know that they get a lot of enquiries for broken and useless products that could be repurposed into all sorts of things. Grigaliunas said that this is the essence of a circular economy. 

“It’s not about just throwing your junk out on the kerb,” she said in a radio interview with 4BC Afternoons. “If you’ve got something idle in your home, and you do think no one else is going to want this, you would be remarkably surprised.”

World’s Biggest Garage Sale has invested in tools and people to repair, restore, and extend the life cycle of items. Products that remain in circulation for at least 20 percent longer helps with carbon neutrality. The group has also partnered with businesses, government entities, and various community groups to create solutions for a sustainable future. 

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With a goal of achieving a world without waste, the organisation has been hosting periodic events to educate and empower people to make changes as a consumer. The group is also always looking for volunteers to help out on their Morningside site.  

“Our lives are a gift and with it, we can make an impact and bring about a better world that we all want to see,” Grigaliunas said. “The alternative is apathy, to not bother – but if you wait for someone else to do something, you will be waiting a long time.”

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