Balmoral Skatepark to Host Skateboarding Workshop For Kids

A free skateboarding workshop for children aged three years old and above will be hosted at the Balmoral Park on Quinn Street.

This sporting event will take place on Tuesday, 19th of Feb. from 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. but those want to join are encouraged to register ahead of time.  

Succeeding skateboarding workshops will also take place on the 26th of February and again on the 5th of March at the same time and venue. Interested families may call 1300 918 531 for other inquiries.

Coaches from the Australian Skateboarding Federation (ASF) will teach the workshop and guide the kids to learn the basics, improve their skills, and acquire new skateboarding tricks. This will also be an opportunity for the children and their families to socialise and have fun after school.

Photo Credit: Marcio Brandini/Facebook

Children participating in the skateboarding workshop are required to bring their own skateboard and helmet.

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In 2017, the Brisbane City Council approved the construction of the Balmoral Youth Space at the Balmoral Park.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Its main feature boasts of a facility that caters to skaters and bikers of all ages with its rails, jumps, quarter pipes, kickers and a concrete bowl. The skate park opened in June 2018.