Morningside Shooting Possible Case of Mistaken Identity, Leaves Residents Unhurt but Shaken

The Queensland Police Service is investigating a shooting incident in a Morningside townhouse that has left residents unhurt but shaken. Authorities believe the incident may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Residents of a townhouse on Richmond Rd woke up to find the glass balustrade of their balcony shattered by bullet holes and immediately reported the incident. Initial investigations stated that the residents didn’t hear anything but one witness said a stranger was by their area at 10 p.m.

Photo Credit: QLD Police Service

Another resident, whose place was hit, did not have any idea why their townhouse was targeted. He just moved to the property in August and has not heard of similar incidents in the area.

One other neighbour also revealed that the townhouse had some unsavoury individuals as occupants a few months ago but they have moved out of the building.

“Scary as that’s just around the corner from me, little too close to come for my liking. I saw the police tape it all off there when I drove past heading to the vets this morning and knew something serious happened… but a shooting, wow,” a neighbour said.

“Yep happened around 7am on Richmond Road, no one has been reported to be hurt. Not sure what it’s related to but seeing as these guys are practically my neighbors it’s really unnerving.”

“God, are we America now?  What is it with firearms these days?!”

The QPS is looking for more information about the Morningside shooting, especially from someone with CCTV/dashcam footage. Reports may be filed online or by calling Crime Stoppers at 1800333000.

Morningside Childcare Centre Development to Proceed After Rejection in 2018

Boussal Pty Ltd has finally secured approval for a childcare center on Richmond Road, Morningside, two years after an initial rejection. Residents opposed the project in 2018 because of concerns that it would cause traffic and increase street parking on the busy street.

Changes to the development application were submitted in July 2020 and a Planning and Environment Court ruling supported the modifications. The judge stated that the changed development application may be approved “subject to the amended conditions.” 

The changes include reducing the number of apartments and the bulk of the building as well as improving the car park area and landscaping within the facility.

Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

Residents submitted objections against the project two years ago, stating that a large childcare centre would cause traffic and increase street parking in a busy street like Richmond Rd. The locals also said that the centre is located beside a railway, where the air quality isn’t ideal for kids. 

“I’ve heard from residents further up that line who say the pollution from freight trains is terrible,” a resident said. “I was told the black pollution quite literally discoloured their external wall nearest to the tracks. I’m not a doctor but I don’t think little children should be playing next to this day in and day out.”

Meanwhile, a Councillor Kara Cook said that the community might no longer need another childcare centre. Half a mile away from this Richmond site is a recently-built facility that may cater to 120 children. 

“Incredibly disappointed to report that the childcare centre and unit development at 2-8 Richmond Rd is going ahead. This is despite Council originally giving 47 reasons for rejecting the application,” Ms Cook wrote on Facebook