Michael Hill International Undergoes a Resilient Transformation as a Premium Brand with a Heart

Michael Hill International
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Michael Hill International, a Cannon Hill-based jewellery brand, has emerged as a shining example of perseverance and growth. For over four decades, Michael Hill has played a crucial role in the lives of many Australians, providing high-quality jewellery to help people celebrate their milestones.

The company has undergone a makeover under the direction of CEO Daniel Bracken, rebranding itself as a luxury brand that emphasizes the emotional connection with its clients. Michael Hill is committed to making every moment that matters extraordinary for its clients by improving the customer experience.

In late 2022, the business relocated to a specially constructed global headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution centre in Cannon Hill, where its master jewellers developed new goods. Additionally, the company has stepped up its recruitment to acquire casual workers in Australia and New Zealand.

That same year, Michael Hill achieved a record year, with an increase in operating revenue and gross margin, driven by strategic initiatives across product, stores, digital, and loyalty.

The company’s digital sales have soared, comprising 7.1 per cent of its total revenues, highlighting its ability to adapt to changing consumer behaviour.

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This success has been a testament to its commitment to providing handmade, natural products, with every piece created by its master jewellers. Their dedication to in-store training and development has resulted in a loyal customer base that values their expertise and personalized approach.

Founded by Sir Michael Hill, the company’s legacy continues under the leadership of Mr Bracken, who is passionate about the product and dedicated to taking the brand to new heights.

By remaining true to its values and dedicated to its customers and staff, Michael Hill is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

Published 10-May-2023